Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - Ain't No Angel

This is the last teaser I will post for Ain't No Angel (guess what that means!)

 I was way off on my writing schedule for this particular book. Some unforeseen personal circumstances, deciding to try and write two books simultaneously early in the writing of this book (which was a mistake and something I will never attempt to do again), and a work-related commitment has set me back by a month or more with this book. I will announce a release date next week.  Thank you to all my eager readers who have waited so patiently for this story to get finished. 

Tyler cleared his throat. “Is there anything you need to get settled?” He pushed himself away from the fence, and started for the barns. 
Laney laughed softly, and fell in step next to him. He perused her out of the corner of his eyes. Her hair fluttered loosely around her face, and cascaded down her back. He gripped his hat to curb the urge to reach over and touch it. It would be smooth as silk. His fingers tingled from the memory of lifting her hair aside the day before in order to loosen her corset.
Dammit! He needed to get his head on straight. Everything she’d done yesterday, whether intentional or not, had fueled his desire for her unlike anything he ever experienced. 
“Is something funny?” he asked.
Laney glanced up at him. “There are a lot of things I need, cowboy, but I don’t think you’ll be able to supply me with any of them.”
Tyler closed his eyes for the briefest of seconds. How was he supposed to interpret those words? Was she flirting with him, or was there another meaning to what she’d said, other than the obvious.

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