Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Teaser Tuesday! First look at In His Arms

What am I thinking, trying to write two books at once?!? I tried that a couple of years ago when I started Ain't No Angel and Teton Sunset. After about five chapter into each book, I had to make a decision and choose to focus on one over the other. I chose to finish Ain't No Angel first.
I'm sort of in the same situation again. This time, I'm working on Yellowstone Origins (Book 6 in the Yellowstone Romance Series), and In His Arms (Book 3 in the Blemished Brides Series). The current score as of today is:

Yellowstone Origins: 7 chapters done
In His Arms: 10 chapters done

So, here's a first look at In His Arms, since I've posted a first snippet of Origins a couple of weeks ago. I will try and make this a weekly feature again. 

Levi pulled his hat from his head, and raked his fingers through his long hair. Perhaps he should visit the barber in town, but shook his head. He didn’t need a haircut. He preferred his hair long, and kept his face clean-shaven.
“Keeps the vermin away,” Buck had always said.
Levi glanced toward the store in front of him. It had been over a year since he’d last been in town. He’d come more often while Buck was still alive, but folks had looked down their noses at him even then.
A woman holding a screaming child’s hand rushed past him, walking faster and glancing at him with fear in her eyes. Levi shook his head. Things hadn’t changed much. If he didn’t need to stock up on a few items, he wouldn’t have come out of the high country at all. He had most things he needed at his cabin. This was his first venture out of the mountains since Buck’s death, and a sudden wave of loneliness washed over him.
“Man’s gotta have coffee and biscuits every now and then,” Buck would say during their twice-a-year visit into town.
The old trapper had gone under more than a year ago, and the coffee had finally run out. Levi tossed a quick look over his shoulder toward the hitching rail. More than a year’s worth of furs were piled onto the mule’s back. Hopefully the owner of the mercantile would buy them, or trade for some supplies.
He headed for the store, when a woman emerged, and he nearly collided with her heavily pregnant belly.
“Beg your pardon, ma’am,” he stammered, and skirted around her.
“No harm done.” She smiled, and Levi’s brows rose. That wasn’t the reaction he usually received from folks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teaser Tuesday! First look at Yellowstone Origins

It's been a while, but I thought I'd bring Teaser Tuesdays back. I'm currently working on two books - the third Blemished Brides (In His Arms), and also Book #6 in the Yellowstone Romance Series. I've had a three-book spin-off to the Yellowstone Series in mind for quite a long time (over a year), and up until recently, I wasn't sure whether to make these books part of the series. Well, I finally made a decision. The three books will be part of the Yellowstone Romance Series, so Books 6, 7, and 8. 

Book 6 is called Yellowstone Origins, and here is a short teaser:

Riley shot a hasty look over her shoulder, then turned back to the ranger. She stepped closer, and leaned forward, folding her forearms over the counter.
“I’m not here for a permit,” she confessed. Her gaze darted to the nametag on his uniform.
Daniel Osborne. There couldn’t be more than one, could there?
His brows rose even higher, and he looked at her expectedly.
Riley straightened. She cocked her head slightly, and pointed her finger at him. She should come right out and ask him, but her academic mind took over.
“You have an interesting last name,” she said. “Looks like we have something in common.”
“We do?” Dan Osborne leaned forward, and looked her in the eye. “Is your name Osborne?”
Riley laughed, and shook her head. “No, but our names have similar meaning.” She reached her hand out to him. “Riley Bernard.”
Dan hesitated. His eyes narrowed, then he shook it. His large hand nearly swallowed hers. He waited.
“Your name, it literally means ‘bear god’.” She sniggered. “And my name means ‘brave, or hardy bear’. I’m not sure I fit that description, though.”
Dan’s brows furrowed. Yeah, he was thinking she was nuts. She waved her hand in front of her face. She was doing it again. Acting all nerdy when she was nervous, trying to impress someone with trivial knowledge.
“Why exactly did you come to the ranger station, Riley?”
She glanced over her shoulder again, then leaned toward him over the counter.
“I need a favor,” she whispered.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Timeline for the Yellowstone and Teton Romance Series

I've received multiple requests lately for a recommendation on the order my books in the Yellowstone and Teton Romance Series should be read, since there is cross-over with characters in both series. These cross-overs aren't in all the book, but certainly in a few. The two series are closely related in where they are set (Yellowstone and the Tetons), and the time period (early to mid 1800's) and subject matter (mountain men and fur trappers, and wilderness adventure), and I love bringing characters from one series to make cameo appearances in the other. Since I wrote the Yellowstone Series first, there are obviously more cross-overs in the Teton books, but in my latest Yellowstone release, Yellowstone Homecoming, I brought the Walker family into the story for a quick cameo. 

So, here is what I've put together to sort of mesh the two series into one timeline. 

Timeline for the Yellowstone and Teton Romance Series

Title                                     Main Characters              Cross-over characters
                                             (secondary characters)            (either cameos or mentions)

**Yellowstone Heart Song           Daniel Osborne, Aimee Donovan                        none
            (1810)                                                (Jana, Dan, Elk Runner)

Yellowstone Christmas              Aimee, Daniel, Matthew, Zach, Sam                    none
         (1815)                                      Elk Runner

Teton Sunrise                             Alex Walker and Evie Lewis              Daniel Aimee, Sarah, Matthew, 
       (1828)                                                                                                        Zach

**Yellowstone Redemption          Sarah Osborne, Chase Russell                           none
              (1835)                                (Daniel, Aimee, Elk Runner, Matthew
                                                          Zach, Samuel)


Yellowstone Homecoming          Matthew Osborne, Adelle Witmer         Alex, Evie, Lucas, Joseph  
            (1838)                                (Daniel, Aimee, Sarah, Chase, Zach)

Yellowstone Season of Giving        Elk Runner, Little Bird                                     none
             (1850)                                   (Osborne clan and Russell clan)

Teton Splendor                           Joseph Walker, Sophia Yancey         Chase, Samuel, Summer Rain
      (1853)                                               (Alex, Evie, Lucas)                       Kyle, Kara, Zach, Josh

Yellowstone Proposal               Kara Russell, Ethan Donelly                       Lucas Walker
          (1854)                                                 (Zach Osborne)

Teton Sunset                             Lucas Walker, Victoria Williams                              none
    (1855)                                            (Alex, Evie, Joseph, Sophia)

Yellowstone Awakening            Kyle Russell, Kate Ellen Deveraux                         none
        (1871)                                           (Sarah, Chase, Samuel, Zach)

Yellowstone Dawn                       Josh Osborne, Danica Jensen                              none
        (1877)                                  (Kyle, Kate, Sarah, Samuel, Chase)

**Yellowstone Deception              Dan Osborne, Jana Evans                                   none
         (2011/1811)                             (Daniel, Aimee, Elk Runner)

**Yellowstone Promise               Chase, Sarah, Daniel, Aimee, Dan, Jana               none

(** denotes time travel )

To be continued…..


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Release in the Yellowstone Romance Series!

After I finished writing Yellowstone Dawn in the spring of  2012, I was sure that it was going to be the last book in the Yellowstone Romance Series. Then something happened...readers emailed me, and asked me on Facebook and on this blog when I was going to write Dan and Jana's story. I had to think about it for a while until I even came up with a story for them. At the end of Yellowstone Heart Song, I sort of left it up in the air and for readers to decide whether Dan and Jana were going to get together. But, since readers apparently wanted their story, I ended up writing Deception. After that I thought a short Christmas story might be fun, but that was going to be the end of it. 
Well, I was wrong again when one of my beta readers bugged me to write a story with Daniel and Chase coming to the future together, and that's how Yellowstone Promise was born. I got more requests for another holiday story, so I wrote Season of Giving, and the requests keep coming for more books in the series. 
One reader in particular was extremely vocal in my Facebook group for me to write a story about Matthew Osborne, one of the twin sons of Aimee and Daniel. I finally agreed to write his story. Yellowstone Homecoming was just published today.
I knew instantly what the basic plot for his book would be when the request came for Matthew's story. Way back in 2012, when I was deep in research for a different book set along the Oregon Trail (Come Home to Me, Book 1 in Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series), I came across a true story about a father of an emigrant family who, half-jokingly, gave one of his daughters in trade to a native American that the wagon train encountered along the way. He never thought the Indian would hold him to his word.

The story stuck with me, and I had intended to use it for the second book in the Teton Romance Trilogy when I was plotting that series. Well, it never made it into any of the Teton books (I couldn’t resist to bring the Walker boys from the Tetons into this story for a cameo). In the back of my mind, I always wanted the Osborne brothers to perhaps scout for a wagon train, but the time period was just wrong. Using missionaries was the perfect solution, as it set the book a couple of years after Yellowstone Redemption
I'm happy to report that I've listened to my readers who are anxious for some more full-length books in the Yellowstone Series. What started as an idea for a three-book spinoff, has turned into a three-book addition to the series. The missing link to make the books I have planned be part of the Yellowstone series rather their own series oddly enough came from a review I received where the reviewer made a rather interesting and - what I thought - incorrect comment. I won't elaborate, but just one word in her review sparked the idea for what will become three additional books in the series, and I've begun work on the first of the three books. 
For now, I hope my Yellowstone fans will be happy with the newest chapter in the lives of the Osbornes - with Yellowstone Homecoming


“Matthew’s dead.” … News no parent wants to hear, but that's exactly what Daniel and Aimee Osborne must endure.

On their way home to the Yellowstone country after spending two years at University, brothers Matthew and Zach Osborne are looking forward to a happy homecoming and family reunion. The long trip takes an unexpected turn when their path crosses with a group of travelers who shouldn’t be venturing through dangerous Indian Territory.

Adelle Witmer’s journey west has brought her face to face with things she could never anticipate. Under her father’s stern and protective eye, she is not allowed to waiver from her strict upbringing. When two rugged woodsmen join their camp, she learns of a world beyond her wildest dreams.

Neither one of the Osborne twins could have foreseen the turn of events their decision to accompany the group of missionaries would take. Matthew’s unlikely attraction to Adelle not only puts him at odds with her father, but may very well cost him his life.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

Monday, April 13, 2015


I am beyond excited that the third book in the Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Diamond in the Dust, is nominated for a RONE award this year. 

RONE stands for Reward of Novel Excellence, and is a leading award given to Independently published books by IND'TALE Magazine. In order to be eligible for nomination, a book must have received a 4 star or higher rating by the professional reviewers of the magazine. A 4.5 review or higher is called a Crowned Heart Review. Diamond in the Dust received a 4.5 star review in March of 2015. 

IND'TALE is one of the leading publications in the Indie Publishing Industry, and getting a 4 star review from them is in itself a great achievement. Being nominated for a RONE is like being nominated for an Oscar, at least that's how I see it. 

I sort of chuckled when I saw that my book was one of the nominees in Time Travel Romance. It's the book I balked at writing, because I didn't want to write something in a mostly contemporary setting, and I had no idea how readers were going to react to the hero. Gabe McFarlain was the "bad guy" in the previous Second Chances book, and I had to turn him into a likable, hero-worthy character in his own book. I'm glad my readers kept pestering me to write his story. I loved the story when it was all finished. 

I then submitted the book for review with IND'TALE on a spurt-of-the-moment whim. I hadn't submitted the second book, Ain't No Angel, for review, but Book 1, Come Home to Me, also received a 4.5 review from them in 2013 (for some weird rule about the date when I submitted the book, it wasn't eligible for the RONE that year)

Now that Diamond in the Dust has been nominated, the second phase is readers vote on the books to see who makes it to the finals. The finalists in each category are then judged by industry professionals.

Personally, I don't enter contests, because they usually always boil down to who is the most social media savvy at getting votes. I like the fact that this isn't a contest that one can "buy their way" into, but a book had to be reviewed highly to qualify. The second phase, qualifying for the finalists,  is up to readers.  I'm not savvy on social media, and I'm not comfortable chanting "vote for me," but I'll give it my best shot, because I truly believe in my book, and it would be a great honor to make it to the finals.

I want to extend a huge congratulations to the other nominees in my category, Time Travel Romance, and the best of luck to all of us!

Voting for Time Travel Romance begins April 13 - 19, and the link to vote is right HERE. So now I'm asking you all to go out and vote for your favorite. If you've read Diamond in the Dust, I hope you'll support me and vote for the book. 


Monday, March 23, 2015

Release Day!

I'm so excited to announce that the second book in the Blemished Brides Series, IN HIS TOUCH is now available!

The concept for a series of western historical romances, where the heroine's aren't always physically perfect and beautiful, but still manage to spark the hero's interest, has been in my "to write" pile for almost two years. I finally got to work on the first book, IN HIS EYES, and it was published in January. I immediately set to work on the second book, and I'm happy to announce that it is now available at all e-book retailers!

A year has passed since a tragic event stole everything from Laura – her husband, her dreams for the future, and her sense of self-worth. Determined to run her farm alone, she resolves to never give in to the man who wants her land, or allow vicious rumors to break her spirit. When a compelling drifter offers his help, Laura must face the insecurities that have prevented her from leading a normal life.

Four long years in prison have given Cade plenty of time to plan his revenge against the man who framed him for murder. When a young widow saves his life, his unexpected attraction to her is a complication he hasn’t foreseen. In order to protect her from a common enemy, Cade is forced to hide things from the one person who deserves his honesty the most.

Cade and Laura’s mutual attraction opens old wounds and demands they confront their deepest fears. Even as their love grows, Cade’s reluctance to be completely truthful might destroy their one chance at finding happiness with each other. Will Laura’s trust in Cade be strong enough to overcome the secret he’s been keeping, or will the man who is out to destroy them both be victorious in the end?


Swaying on his feet, he followed the faint flickering light to what appeared to be the main room in this home. A fire crackled in the hearth, its flames the only source of light. Cade’s eyes roamed the room, and fell to the figure of a woman sitting in a rocking chair in the far corner. Her head rested on her right shoulder, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. A thick, dark rope of hair tumbled over her left shoulder, the rest of it concealed under a knitted shawl. A rifle lay across her lap.
Cade’s eyes narrowed. The flames cast shadows on her face, the light dancing off her hair and cheek. The soft peacefulness of her features drew him in to where he couldn’t pull his gaze from her.
He shook his head to clear his mind. Perhaps it had been too long since he’d looked at a female, or maybe the gunshot wound had left him with an addled brain, but he’d never gazed upon a lovelier vision than this young woman sleeping in such an uncomfortable position.
He cast a hasty glance over his shoulder toward the bedroom, then back at her. Was she sleeping in that chair because he’d been in her bed?
One of the logs popped and crackled loudly in the fire. The woman stirred. Sudden awareness of his complete lack of clothing hit him the instant her eyes fluttered open. He clutched the towel firmly around his hips. A loud gasp escaped her lips, and she scrambled to her feet, her eyes wide as saucers. She didn’t hesitate to point the rifle at him.
“Raise your hands,” she commanded.
Cade stared, then his lips widened in a grin. “You sure you want me to do that, ma’am?”