Wednesday, November 25, 2015

American Mail Order Brides, Day 7

Day 7 of The American Mail Order Bride Series! Adelaide: Bride of Maryland by Ciara Knight

Escaping an arranged marriage to a cruel man, Adelaide Baker flees west to marry a total stranger as a mail order bride. Only the man at the final stop didn’t place the advertisement in the Grooms Gazette, and now she faces ruin if he doesn’t marry her.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

American Mail Order Brides, Book 6

Day 6 in The American Mail Order Bride Series Beth: Bride of Massachusetts

Feisty Beth Mitchell lives in the Boston area, and is used to being in charge and taking care of people, especially her beloved mother, so when the factory in Lawrence, MA where she, her sister, India, and her mother used to work, burns down in a suspicious fire, they find themselves in dire straits.

Circumstances dictate that Beth needs to become a mail-order bride, but it is with the understanding that her mother will join her. Business owner, George Montgomery, has no idea what he is in for. They both have secrets--he's filthy rich and needs to find a wife ASAP, because his sister and husband just died from the flu and he now has two small children to take care of. He wants to make sure he's not getting a gold digger, but someone who really is good with kids.

He places an ad for a mild-mannered woman who loves children. Beth applies to every ad, hoping that someone will agree to take her and her mother. George is the only one who agrees, but she has a secret too--she's not exactly who she said she was. Beth has no experience with children, the very thought of it makes her twitchy and she's far from timid. In fact, she is determined to get to the bottom of who burned down the factory, and why.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Guest Author - Penny Brown Estelle

It is my great pleasure to welcome my guest author today, Penny Brown Estelle. She's graciously shared a little about life in Arizona, and about her book, which is part of the American Mail Order Brides Series that I've been featuring each day. Her book, Hannah: Bride of Iowa, comes out on Dec 17th!
Living The Dream – Sarcasm???

I have written a couple posts on my life in rural Arizona and living with no electricity.  We have solar and wind generators.  It’s been quite an adjustment for this city girl.  I retired six years ago after living in the big city all my life.  I told my hubby he had two years to make me love it or he needed to promise to move me back to the good life.

Well little did I know, this yahoo kind of life was the good life.  There is one thing I can’t seem to get a handle on.  The annihilation of snakes and mice (or rats) in the area.
When we first bought this property we were moving some wood and I said, “Oh my look, a baby bunny..uhm..with a really long skinny tale!”  No, it was a pack rat – a HUGE pack rat.  I have come to hate these things and in the six years we have been up here, they seem to have moved on to find other living arrangements.

The other visitors that drop in uninvited are the rattlesnakes – Diamondbacks  and Mohave greens.  We are indeed lucky enough to have seen them all.  

One day, my husband called me out and said, “I am moving the truck and there is a rattler underneath.”  He handed me the gun that always has the first three shots loaded with snake shot.  For those that don’t know, snake shot shoot a 3 – 5 inch circumference.
He moved the truck and I started blasting, empting the gun.  He ended up crawling away but I know he was wounded!  Apparently I need work on target shooting!

I have also learned NOT to shoot the bull or king snakes.  They eat the mice, rats, etc.  The only problem there is they look an awful lot like rattlers, so when they appear out of nowhere, another 5 years is taken off my life.  My life continues to get shorter and shorter. 

Living this rural does give me a lot of time for my writing.  I was so honored when a group of authors asked me to be involved in writing project that would have 50 stories about 50 mail order brides in all 50 states in the good old USA.  All stories needed to be staged in 1890.  I jumped at the chance, and asked for Iowa.  I was born in Iowa and lived in West Liberty, where my story, Hannah, Bride of Iowa, takes place.

* * * *

Samuel Morrison, a farmer from Iowa, is in need of a wife and a mother for Lizzie, his three-year old daughter.  He reads an article from Massachusetts advertising mail order brides. He writes to the agency stating he’s looking for a partner who will work by his side and, hopefully, come to care for him and be a loving mother to Lizzie.

Hannah Brown responds to his letter.  Though she doesn’t say too much about herself, Samuel decides to take a chance and asks her to come to Iowa.

This woman is everything he wants in a wife and more -- or so he thinks.  Hannah has a secret that, if revealed, could devastate their future.
If Hannah tells Samuel, would he send her away?  She could lose all she’s come to cherish.  Is Hannah willing to take that chance?

“Ma, why are you doing this?”
“We’ve been over this, Maddie. Jeb has helped us these last few months. We need a man around here.” Emma put on her bonnet and turned to face Maddie. “If marrying him will keep a roof over our heads, then I’ll do just that.”
            “When he first came here he was helpful. Maybe the first week! He’s lazy Ma and no good.”
            There was a quiet knock on the door. Emma went to answer it, but Maddie grabbed her arm. “Pa doesn’t deserve this!”
            Emma’s backhand connected with her daughter’s cheek. Shocked, Maddie brought her hand up to her face. She could not remember her mother ever striking her.
            “Oh Maddie, I’m…”
            Angry tears filled Maddie’s green eyes. “I won’t go!” She threw open the door and ran out, pushing her soon to be step-father out of the way.

* * * *

Hannah, Bride of Iowa, comes out on December 17, but can be preordered now! 

Peggy, thank you so much for letting me barge in today!  I sure do appreciate it!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

American Mail Order Brides, Book 4

And the American Mail Order Brides Series continues today with the release of Mollie, Bride of Georgia, by author Lorrie Farelly. 
For an interesting tidbit, the bride on her cover is one of her own ancestors!

Years of brutal warfare have left the South with far more women than men. What, Mollie Winters worries, could be so wrong with Dr. Nicholas Avinger that he was forced to advertise for a wife?

Despite her misgivings, Mollie takes a desperate leap of faith. Arriving in Atlanta with little more than a few pieces of clothing, two pairs of shoes, and the manuscript of her wildly melodramatic, romantic adventure novel, she prepares to start a new life with the attractive but irascible Dr. Avinger.

A haunted man who prefers animals to people, Nick Avinger has driven away more than one assistant, as well as his latest fiancée. Mollie Winters might just fill both bills, if only he didn’t want her so much. And if only he didn’t fear how much he would hurt her.

This unforgettable novel by the award-winning author of TERMS OF SURRENDER and TIMELAPSE is the emotional and riveting story of the healing power of love.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

American Mail Order Brides, Book 3

The American Mail Order Bride Series continues today with Book 3, Hope: Bride of New Jersey

Hope Middleton was all but thrown away by the family that was supposed to care for her. Now on her own, she loses her job when the factory where she worked burned to the ground. With no other alternatives, she answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride and travels to Newark, New Jersey, expecting a simple life in a quiet community. Instead, she is thrown into the middle of the dark mystery that surrounds her enigmatic fiancé, with only the chance of falling in love as her saving grace.

This retelling brings the drama of a Bronte classic together with the romance of a mail-order bride novella. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

American Mail Order Brides, Book 2

Book 2. Willow: Bride of Pennsylvania, by Merry Farmer

When a fire destroys the factory where Willow Miller works, her only choice for a secure future comes through becoming a mail-order bride to ex-Amish, Amos Stoltzfus, and moving to her ancestral home of Pennsylvania. Hope carries her forward into a new life, but guilt over her part in the fire that destroyed the factory threatens to hold her back.

Amos Stoltzfus is overjoyed to bring someone as sweet and special as Willow into his life to recapture a sense of family and love that he has been missing. But Amos has a past of his own and unresolved conflict with his neighbor and former best friend, Mark Lapp, that stands in the way of family, happiness, and the community around him.

Can Willow help resolve the pain and heal the breach that divides Amos from his community and his culture, or will her troubles stand in the way of her and Amos’s happiness?

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level - Sweet/Clean 


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ready, Set, Launch!

Today is the official launch day for the unprecedented 50-book AMERICAN MAIL ORDER BRIDES Series! 

Forty-five authors come together to bring readers a new series of epic proportions. On fifty consecutive days beginning November 19, 2015, a romance, featuring a mail-order bride, will be published--one set in each of the fifty states. The books will be released in the order the states were admitted to the union. The stories all take place in 1890, following a day when a factory in the East burns to the ground, leaving these women unemployed and forced to choose mail-order marriages for survival. Share the experiences of these brides as they seek love and new lives across the United States.
These books will initially be released only in Amazon Kindle Unlimited. After three months, they will be available at all other retailers.

A free prequel to introduce the series is available here:

My book, Emma: Bride of Kentucky, is Book #15, and releases on Dec. 3, 2015
You can pre-order it here:

But first up is Lottie: Bride of Delaware, by Author Kit Morgan!

Lottie Mitchell had a problem, a really BIG problem, and the only one who cared was, well, her. Oh sure, her roommate Beth gave stock to her theories of who was responsible for a tragedy that put herself and dozens of her co-workers out of a job. And yes, someone came up with the idea that in order to survive, they could all become mail-order brides, but still… Lottie wanted to know the truth. Did her sister Leora believe her? To a point, but not enough to keep from telling her that if she didn’t drop her silly notions, she’d miss her own wedding! Her other roommates, Alice and Judith groaned at any mention of helping her snoop around like a Pinkerton, and then there was her groom …

Sam Cooke gave up the notion of finding anyone from Clear Creek to marry. What available women there were, were either too young or too old, and heaven help him if his mother, Belle Cooke, got his matchmaking Aunt Sadie to help find him a bride. No, some things a man had to do on his own. But when he travels east on business to fetch his mail-order bride, little did he know what sort of hi-jinx awaited him on the journey home with her!