About Me

Jedi and me, out hiking in the local mountains in SoCal
I never thought I'd be a writer, much less publish a book some day. I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I guess life just had other plans for me. When my husband and I decided to start a family, vet school pretty much went out the window. I used to work with a vet who had three children while going through vet school. To this day, she is my hero.  

I live with my husband and two sons in southern California. I have a Welsh pony and a miniature horse (down-sized from a barn of six horses). A crazy Labrador retriever who is a food vacuum, three cats, a Holland Lop bunny, two parakeets, three bearded dragons (my compromise with my boys when they wanted a snake), and a small flock of chickens complete our menagerie of critters. I can’t imagine my life without my animals. My dream is to live in Montana some day.

Four years ago, I began writing a story that, for whatever reason, was stuck in my head for almost a year. I have been an avid romance reader for a long time, and the idea took hold to - why not? - write my own! What a simple idea, right?
Along Hellroaring Creek, YNP
It has been a long and difficult journey from my first sentence to a completed, and hopefully polished, manuscript. After entering a couple of contests to get some feedback on my writing (I finaled in one, to my utter amazement), I took the advice of one of my harshest judges, and found a critique partner. She spent weeks going through my manuscript with a fine tooth comb and loaded red pen. The end result is my debut novel, Yellowstone Heart Song (Book 1 in a series called the Yellowstone Romance Series). 
I spent the next six months writing Book 2 and 3, until my critique partner stopped me and said, "no more writing until you publish the first one!" I admit, I was scared to death. Still am. Yellowstone Heart Song was published January 2, 2011.

My Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/author/peggylhenderson

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