Monday, November 4, 2013

Yellowstone Heart Song receives 5star Crowned Heart Review

I just found out that Yellowstone Heart Song received a 5 star review from InD'Tale Magazine in November! 
I am shaking, in utter disbelief, and absolutely stunned! I know this may seem like such a small milestone for some, but this was my debut novel, a book I had to be coaxed, poked and prodded time and time again by my critique partner to publish. 

Here is the full review:

Aimee Donovan is a nurse who thought she’d seen it all until she met Zach Osborne. Claiming to be a time travelling mountain man, he tempts her with a wilderness survival tip back to the year 1810 in Yellowstone. Although she doesn’t quite believe the man, she is skilled and can handle three months in the mountains. 
She is also happy to escape Brad and the engagement she calls off just prior to leaving.
After a near-death experience once she travelled back to 1810, fate steps in and she meets Daniel Osborne, Zach’s son. He rescues her in more ways than one and the cruel reality of leaving this world eats at her heart. How can she tell Daniel the truth of how she came to be here and how can she ever leave him?
Yellowstone has always held her heart but now, in more ways than one.
The excitement and anticipation in this book is endless. The reader is left bursting to discover the next event as almost every page is turned. Vivid descriptions of Aimee’s surroundings will transport even the least imaginative back to 1810. 
Aimee is spirited and determined to succeed. Finding she has bitten off more than she can chew makes her humble and very substantive. Daniel is as manly as they come for a male character set in a wilderness environment. His character is dark, mysterious, and courageous – cautious, but (sigh) delivering on all the readers’ expectations. Their love grows with so many heart wrenching moments that twist and tear the emotions, then leave the reader enraptured. 


  1. I have never twisted an arm so hard in my life as when trying to get you to publish. :) I'm so glad you finally cried uncle.

  2. So well deserved, Peggy. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.