Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Meet the Voice of Come Home to Me

Come Home to Me is now available in audiobook format! My special guest today is narrator/producer Cody Roberts, who did a fantastic job in bringing this book to life! 

Tell us about yourself.  What else do you do besides VO?

 I originally grew up Farming/Ranching in Central Washington State.  I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (with a performance emphasis) at Southern Oregon University.  Every summer I would return home to farm so I could stay in school.  I am now one of the very few farm kids I know that is a classically trained actor.  I currently live outside of Los Angeles with my fiancĂ©.  
I do all kinds of theater in and around the Los Angeles area.

What made you decide to become a voice actor?

  In all honesty a friend turned me onto it.  She had been doing books for a little while and I decided to give it a shot.  I immediately started getting “bites” from authors and thought it was the right route to go.  It’s another form of expression that I really enjoy doing.  With every book it gets more fun.  And I love to read.  So that’s a great perk.

What is your favorite type of story to which you lend your voice talents?

  I love fiction.  All kinds.  I love being transported to a new world (or in this case, a new time).  I love reading non-fiction for my own personal knowledge.  But when it comes to narrating a book, I certainly prefer fiction.  You can have so much more fun with the characters and the story itself.  It seems more like playing than work.  Except editing.  That always feels like work.  J

What drew you to narrate this particular story?

  That is another one where I got lucky.  Peggy found me on this particular book.  I tend to get a lot of Western Fiction.  I believe, because I have a natural “twang” in my voice that I’ve grown up with.  That being said, I was immediately drawn to the story from the first page.  I love dark, gruff characters like Jake.  It’s so easy to sink your teeth into a character like that.

What was your favorite part of narrating Come Home to Me?

  My favorite part is definitely the lead character, Jake.  Throughout Westerns we have seen the Evolution of the Cowboy.  We start with Roy Rogers “The Singing Cowboy.”  Then John Wayne came and gave us the Cowboy that always knows what’s right, and does just that.  He is the example of what is good.  But then Clint Eastwood came and gave us the “Anti-Hero” in Westerns.  That tends to be my favorite kind of character.  He’s usually not the most “moral” of man.  He gets thrown into an extreme situation that he never likes, but where people depend on him to lead.  Just like in this book, Come Home to Me, he gets a second chance.  You never really know if he’s going to see things through to the end, or just walk away.  And if he does get there, if he doesn’t just go back to his old self.  It just creates more layers and colors to work with for a character.  And as an actor, I love it.

What do you hope the listeners will take away from your delivery?

  I know Peggy, at this point, has received many loyal fans.  As she should.  I hope it’s another way for her fans to enjoy her literature.  Hopefully it will only help transport the reader, even more so, into this fantastically rugged world that she has created.  And I am really excited and humbled that I was able to be a part of that.

I've posted two audio samples at the bottom. I've posted the first sample before, but the second one definitely has a spoiler in it, so if you are not familiar with the story and don't wish to be "spoiled", only listen to the first sample. 

Available now at
Will be available at iTunes and on Amazon within a few days.


  1. Very interesting as I've found this process fascinating. He sounds great and even looks like Jake :) a serendipitous meshing of two creative energies. Hope it sells gangbusters for you both.

    1. Jake was originally blond when I wrote the book. He was supposed to be a clone of one of my favorite characters, Chase Russell from Yellowstone Redemption. I think Jake turned out much milder and more mellow than Chase but definitely the anit-hero type, which is my favorite type of character to write. My cover designer and I couldn't find any couples that fit the description, so I changed Jake's hair to a darker shade (more brown than blond) in the book. In my head, he will always be blond.
      Ok, so this had nothing to do with the audio book, LOL

  2. I haven't heard a lot of audio books before, but I did like hearing Cody read this one. I think your "twang" as you call it fits right in with Jake and the story. Well done. I will be listening to a lot more audio now.

    1. He totally fit with the story. And he nailed all the other characters perfectly, too!

  3. This makes me want to make time to get my books published.

  4. Congrats Peggy and Cody. Got the looks and the voice. Just the snippets I listened to, pulled me in to the story again, even though I have read it. I wish you both heaps of success.

  5. Sounds great. Great story! Great narrating!

  6. My friend and I were deciding on which series to "read" next, and listened to some recording samples. When I first heard Cody, I thought, "Oooh, a deep-voiced cowboy!" :-) Nicely done!