Thursday, August 15, 2019

It's Release Day for The Eagle (Book 2 in the Wild Mountain Hearts Series)

No matter how many books I've published (and it's over 40 at this point), release day is always heart-pounding and nerve-wracking. So many things can go wrong with vendors not cooperating, and I always have this crazy fear that I submitted the wrong file and then readers will get an incomplete book, or a first draft. I meticulously check and check again to make sure that I only have access to the correct file when it comes time to submitting it to Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Apple, etc, but the anxiety kicks in and the fear is real.

So far so good today! The Eagle has been on pre-order for two weeks, and today it is finally live!

I hope you enjoy the story of Tallan Moran, one of the Pathfinders we met in the series prologue (The Pathfinders).

I had a lot of fun revisiting characters from the Yellowstone, Teton, and Wilderness Brides Series, and I hope you will recognize some familiar names! Enjoy!

If you haven't read THE PATHFINDERS (the novella-length prologue to the Wild Mountain Hearts Series) grab your copy HERE:

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