Come Home to Me Receives 4.5 stars (Crowned Heart Review from InD'Tale Magazine! (July 2013)

Jake Owens is a randy young man raised on a Montana dude ranch. Certain that adventure lies elsewhere, he follows a blonde bombshell to the city only to wind up in jail for murder. A stranger posing as a lawyer could be the devil or Jake’s salvation, but he offers Jake a second chance – lead a wagon train west as a scout and keep and eye on one Rachel Parker. Thinking anything is better than bars and a thin mattress, Jake accepts. Some unknown force in the universe is watching over Rachel Parker, a young woman whose diligence against hard times sets her eyes on the Oregon Trail determined to find a new life for her family.
From cholera to chaps, Come Home to Me by Peggy L Henderson is the definition of excellent storytelling. Henderson spins this yarn with subtle dialogue and description accurate of the era. So subtle, in fact, the reader won’t know they’ve been transported, like Jake, back in time until they’re entrenched in the hardships of the emigrants who left ruts in the ground in 1848. With the rattle of wooden wheels, and a crack of the whip, the reader will open their eyes as an omnipotent observer to the slow burning love between Rachel and Jake as they cross the mighty American frontier. Y’all are just gonna have to let Ms Henderson wrap her story around ya! There may not be drool on the pant-o-meter, but it’s not necessary with this tightly woven tale.

I absolutely loved this book.  I'm actually very disappointed that the next book in the Second Chances series Ain't No Angel isn't out yet.  According to the author Peggy L. Henderson the book should be coming out this month!  For those of you who follow my reviews my reaction to this book may come as a surprise.  For over 2 years now I've read mostly paranormal romance.  I think I'll have to look for more time travel romance because this was really neat.  
     Come Home to Me starts off in present day with Jake in jail for murder.  His new lawyer offers him a second chance if he scouts for a wagon train on the Oregon trail.  Little does Jake know that agreeing to this sends him 150+ years into the past!  This is where he meets Rachel.  Rachel is traveling with her family and finds herself attracted to Jake from the start.  But she has a lot in the way... like a husband and 3 kids.  There are a lot of surprises along the way in the 5 months that Jake leads the emigrants to Oregon City.  I found the whole story captivating.  I loved Jake and Rachel.  I cheered for them and cried for them.  
     Although this isn't my regular genre it has opened up a whole new genre to me and I look forward to the next book in the Second Chances series.  This is a romance like no other I have read.  I'm not sure how many other books there are out there like this but I think Peggy L. Henderson did a wonderful job capturing what life was like on the Oregon Trail.  It makes me glad for modern conveniences while longing for a simpler way of life.  

Favorite Quote:
"A man doesn't look at a woman the way he looks at you with the intention of walking away."

--Rainy Days Book Reviews (Nov 2013)

This is one of the best books i've ever read. The characters are so rich they stay with you long after the book is read. The romance between Jake and Rachel is beautiful and touching, the best i've read in along time. Can't wait for the next book in the series. I am now reading this authors yellowstone series, which is just as fantastic. (Amazon UK review)

Reviews for Yellowstone Heart Song

Yellowstone Heart Song receives 5 Star Crowned Heart Review from InD'Tale Magazine! (Nov 2013)

Aimee Donovan is a nurse who thought she’d seen it all until she met Zach Osborne. Claiming to be a time travelling mountain man, he tempts her with a wilderness survival tip back to the year 1810 in Yellowstone. Although she doesn’t quite believe the man, she is skilled and can handle three months in the mountains. She is also happy to escape Brad and the engagement she calls off just prior to leaving.
After a near-death experience once she travelled back to 1810, fate steps in and she meets Daniel Osborne, Zach’s son. He rescues her in more ways than one and the cruel reality of leaving this world eats at her heart. How can she tell Daniel the truth of how she came to be here and how can she ever leave him?
Yellowstone has always held her heart but now, in more ways than one.
The excitement and anticipation in this book is endless. The reader is left bursting to discover the next event as almost every page is turned. Vivid descriptions of Aimee’s surroundings will transport even the least imaginative back to 1810. Aimee is spirited and determined to succeed. Finding she has bitten off more than she can chew makes her humble and very substantive. Daniel is as manly as they come for a male character set in a wilderness environment. His character is dark, mysterious, and courageous – cautious, but (sigh) delivering on all the readers’ expectations. Their love grows with so many heart wrenching moments that twist and tear the emotions, then leave the reader enraptured. 


Diamond in the Dust receives a 4.5 star Crowned Heart Review from InD'Tale Magazine, March 2015

WESTERN/TIME TRAVEL:  Gabe McFarlain is awaiting the inevitable with a hangman’s noose around his neck. Raised in a Montana whorehouse, his life has not been happy. When the noose tightens, darkness descends - but instead of the hereafter, Gabe wakes up in the future to a warmhearted woman in a foreign world, with a second chance at life. 

Searching for a better life, Morgan Bartlett, by chance, finds Gabe on the side of the road badly beaten and comes to his aid. With an instinctive feeling of Gabe’s goodness, she strives to convince him of his worth and help him find happiness in his strange new world. However, neither Gabe nor Morgan counted on the combustible attraction burning between them.

This third installment in the Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series can be read as a standalone, although, it would be much more enlightening if read in sequence to better understand the hero, the circumstances which brought him to the future, and the people from his past. The protagonists are well developed and likeable with a solid plot that is interesting and moves at a good pace. Infused with the elements of heartbreak, some witty dialogue, and tender romance, this captivating love story provides a fascinating glimpse into the emotional journey of two individuals who are trying to forge a new life as they travel the road to their happily ever after. This enthralling and delightful novel will appeal to readers of many genres. 

More reviews for Yellowstone Heart Song:

     This was a really great story.  It's not one of those romances where they fall into bed with each other from the start.  Both of them are hesitant to have a relationship for their own reasons and the story evolves over time.  Although I love series where at least one of the people know right away the other is their mate or life-mate or however the series puts it there is something about the relationship development in stories like this that is really touching.  The story starts with Aimee realizing that she is in Yellowstone and that what she thought was a crazy old man's stories are actually the truth.  She has been transported 200 years into the past for the ultimate wilderness adventure.  She soon meets up with Daniel who is untrusting of white women because of the way one treated him in the past.  Aimee and Daniel's interactions varied from sweet to hilarious to beautiful.

     I really liked Aimee and Daniel.  I liked Daniel's Indian family.  My favorite part of the story was the end so I can't really talk about that.  I don't like spoilers.  This is my second time travel romance and I have to say I think I've found a new genre to love.  Most historical romances are pretty boring but adding the time travel element really brings out the story.  I look forward to reading more of Peggy L. Henderson's books including the rest of the Yellowstone Romance series.

Favorite Quotes:
"I would follow you to the ends of the world if I had to."
"I am not good with words, but you make my heart sing, Aimee."
"I have fought my affection for you all these weeks.  I cannot fight it anymore.  You are my heart song," he whispered.

-- Rainy Dayz Book Reviews (Nov 2013)

I have never read a time travel novel before, always thought they were a little too weird for me, but I'll tell you, this is one of the best romance books I have ever read! Aimee is a very strong women the kind I like to read about but with a loving heart. Daniel is the perfect man for her, strong & protective. I fell in love with both of them & could not put this book down. Very seldom do I cry over any book but this one had me sobbing like a baby. I highly recommend this book. If you've never read a time travel before this is a great one! I will be buying more of her books. (Barnes and Noble Review)

I started this series because I really enjoy books with time travel and this book didn't let me down. As soon as I read the last page I purchased the next book,then the next until I read them all. (Barnes and Noble Review)

I was enamored, enthralled and fascinated by this first book in The Yellowstone Series. Authentic, vivid characters, setting, story line. The plot, writing, characters, and historical background, would have stood just fine even without the time travel aspect. But, add the time travel to the mix, and everything is enhanced even more! There is so much descriptive background to the story that was completely authentic and enriched the entire read. The characters were extremely well developed. Henderson's writing of this wonderful story put me right there in the midst of things and inspired me through all my senses. (Amazon review)

I have to tell ya, the Daniel Osbourne in my head (and on the front cover) is one sexy, sexy man. Huge, muscular, scarred, virile...Yumm. He's macho, manly, and very hot! This book was a very sweet treat to get involved in! I'm glad I got a chance to review this novel.
This story gives Twilight-Zone a whole new meaning...It's so fantastically original. I've never read anything quite like it. It's a good, intriguing kinda way. I can honestly say I absolutely loved reading this book.
The beginning was exhilarating. I was blown away at the first chapter. It catches attention and doesn't let go until the end. I adored the back-in-time vibe, the hot-but-not-crude writing style, and all the outdoor learning sessions. I love being able to learn new things by reading an awesome book!
I got so into the plot; when Aimee fell off the cliff after the grizzly swiped at her....I almost had a heart attack! The characters became real to me; The reader becomes emotionally involved. I felt Aimee's pain, sadness, happiness. It was great.
This is definitely not your average Forbidden Love Story. It has that vibe, but a whole new world that I am glad of. I do not like reading a book that I know I haven't read, but it sounds like another book. I like to be taken on journey after journey, but different ones, of course.
I adore Aimee's take charge attitude when she's doing what she loves. Helping sick people. She may be a little self-confident about herself, but she is utter confident about her talent of healing sick people. Gotta love a take charge women. I do! I strive to be like her.
Who comes up with dried snake head time traveling devices? Creative authors, of course! Ms. Henderson is her own person, tells her own story (not a story that's already been published by another author), and is so impressive!
The ending was very surprising, but not in the least disappointing. I did cry when reading her diary thoug, that was sorta sad/happy. In a good way, tho.
I believe all Historical readers, Western lovers, and hunky men fans that adora a paranormal twist would definitely love getting lost in the pages of Yellowstone Heart Song. 
--Sarah I. Sarah's Point of View book reviews

After falling in love with Yellowstone National Park on my first visit at age 16 and enjoying it even more after each subsequent visit since, I couldn't wait to start reading Yellowstone Heart Song. Ms. Henderson has brought the beauty of this majestic landscape to life with the time travelling story of Aimee and Daniel.
Not only do we have Yellowstone National Park in a time untouched by tourism and a ruggedly, sexy alpha male mountain man, we have a fiercely independent heroine suddenly thrust 200 years in the past and left to survive in the wilderness on her own.
Some of my favorite scenes were when Aimee decides to venture out on her own to visit some of the landscapes on her own. The vivid descriptions made me feel like I was right there alongside with Aimee exploring the untamed country.
If you are looking for a time travelling adventure in a wondrous location, look no further than Yellowstone Heart Song. --
Sarah L. Romancing the Book