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Ain't No Angel Book Release Announcement

AIN'T NO ANGEL (Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Book 2) Release Date! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

... for Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (Amazon has been known to get glitchy with my releases, so keeping fingers crossed that it's a smooth release) If it's available sooner, I will make another announcement. 
For those of you using iTunes, I can't say when it will be out. Apple has a lengthy content review process, so it might take two weeks or sometimes longer.

Delaney Goodman has been running from her painful past all her life.  Dreams of working with horses have long been replaced with the reality of doing anything to make ends meet.  About to hit rock bottom, she accepts a stranger’s proposition, even if it sounds too good to be true. She figures she has nothing, not even her dignity, to lose.  She awakens in an unfamiliar setting - and century - and quickly discovers that she will need more than her charm to complete the task assigned to her.

On the surface, Tyler Monroe has everything going for him -  good looks, the respect of his friends and neighbors, and a thriving horse ranch.  However, his past holds deep wounds with thick emotional scars. When a brazen, beautiful woman arrives in town, Tyler makes an impulsive decision that will cause him to question everything he knows.

Tyler is unlike any man Laney has ever met.  Laney is exactly the kind of woman Tyler wants to avoid. As the attraction between them grows, questions arise that stretch the boundaries of trust for both.  The secrets that threaten to tear them apart could be exactly what Tyler and Laney need to bring them together.

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Susan Horsnell New Book Release!

Please welcome my special guest today, my good friend and western romance author form Australia, Susan Horsnell. She has a brand new book out today, Blind Achievement, the sequel to her InD'Tale Crowned Heart reviewed book, Blind Acceptance. 

Blind Achievement Blurb:

Phillip Johnson has been blind since the age of six after sustaining a head injury in a wagon accident.
Growing up on a ranch outside of Austin hasn't been easy for the young man but he has thrived with the loving help of his Step-Mother, Rachel, and the faithful support of his father, Luke.
At 18 years old, he has made the decision to head to Macarthur to attend the Wyoming College for the Blind. He plans to study Civil Government Law and Political Economics.
It is here that he meets Belinda and he falls deeply in love with her. Belinda hides a dark and dangerous secret.
A ruthless man is obsessed with owning her. This threat has the power to ruin their relationship and put their lives in jeopardy.
Can they overcome such obstacles and find happiness together?

..........It had been a long day and he tapped his way back to his room. He was startled from his thoughts by an ear piercing scream. Coming to an abrupt stop he listened. Sounds of a scuffle and banging came from what he knew was a classroom ahead. He approached and threw open the door without hesitation.
“What the hell? Get out!” a gruff voice bellowed.
“Please help me.” A girl’s agonized plea tore at his heart.
“What’s going on?” Phillip demanded to know.
“None of your damned business, half-wit. Get out.” Phillip could not place the voice.
“Let me go,” she screamed again.
“Let the young lady go.” Phillip said angrily. “Come here to me Miss.”
He could hear her struggling to get free.
“I have asked you to let her go. I will not ask again.” Phillip loaded his voice with menace.
The man guffawed. “Do you really think a blindy like you can stop me?”
Phillip used the man’s voice to help him move closer.
The girl took advantage of her captor being distracted and bit down hard on his arm. He yelped with pain, and she wrenched free of his grip and launched herself into Phillip’s arms.
The air rushed from his lungs as she collided with his chest. He wrapped his arm protectively around her trembling body as she sobbed into his shirt.
Phillip lifted his cane as a warning for the man not to approach. “I am taking her to speak with Mr Carver. I expect he will also want to speak with you.”
The girl in his arms continued to tremble and sob.
“Come with me. We’ll ensure this never happens again,” he told the girl gently.

About Susan:

I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in the 50's and 60's.
My parents are originally from the Newcastle-Under-Lyme area of England and came to Australia in 1952 as £10 poms. They came under a migration scheme to help Australia with workers.
My father was a Painter and Decorator and I was the eldest of five children.
I met my husband, Robert, in 1973 and we married in March 1974; we were both 18 years old. We have two wonderful sons, gorgeous daughters-in-law and five incredible grandchildren. We have been extremely blessed.
I was a Nurse, a career that spanned more than 35 years. During my career I specialised in caring for people with Alzheimer’s type Dementia, an area that fascinates me despite how heartbreaking it can be. My dear father-in-law is unfortunately afflicted with this disease and now resides in a Nursing Home. In the not too distant future I am hoping to pen a novel incorporating some of the stories I have heard from these amazing people. Part of my career was with the blind and I also cared for severely disabled children for a while too.
When I retired 4 years ago I decided it was time to get the stories out of my head and onto paper. From there I just hoped my stories were interesting and well written enough to attract readers.
It is difficult being a new author now that anyone can publish a book. I can understand readers’ reticence to read Indie authors but hopefully they will give people like me a chance. I find as an avid reader, you can be pleasantly surprised most of the time. I can’t imagine sticking to just one or two authors and just because an author has a publisher doesn’t make them good. I have certainly read some terrible books which have been published by some of the largest companies.
I do hope readers enjoy my books and would love them to leave reviews.
Book:  Blind Achievement.
Sequel to Blind Acceptance which received a 4 1/2 star review and a Crowned Heart Award from InD'tale Magazine, October 2013

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Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to Sharon Rudolph, who won this week's book giveaway. 

I want to thank everyone who shared their favorites scenes from the Yellowstone books or any of my other books with me, here and on my facebook page.

I will be holding another giveaway next week. Please, if you didn't win (or even if you did), feel free to enter again.

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Meet the Voice of Come Home to Me

Come Home to Me is now available in audiobook format! My special guest today is narrator/producer Cody Roberts, who did a fantastic job in bringing this book to life! 

Tell us about yourself.  What else do you do besides VO?

 I originally grew up Farming/Ranching in Central Washington State.  I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (with a performance emphasis) at Southern Oregon University.  Every summer I would return home to farm so I could stay in school.  I am now one of the very few farm kids I know that is a classically trained actor.  I currently live outside of Los Angeles with my fiancĂ©.  
I do all kinds of theater in and around the Los Angeles area.

What made you decide to become a voice actor?

  In all honesty a friend turned me onto it.  She had been doing books for a little while and I decided to give it a shot.  I immediately started getting “bites” from authors and thought it was the right route to go.  It’s another form of expression that I really enjoy doing.  With every book it gets more fun.  And I love to read.  So that’s a great perk.

What is your favorite type of story to which you lend your voice talents?

  I love fiction.  All kinds.  I love being transported to a new world (or in this case, a new time).  I love reading non-fiction for my own personal knowledge.  But when it comes to narrating a book, I certainly prefer fiction.  You can have so much more fun with the characters and the story itself.  It seems more like playing than work.  Except editing.  That always feels like work.  J

What drew you to narrate this particular story?

  That is another one where I got lucky.  Peggy found me on this particular book.  I tend to get a lot of Western Fiction.  I believe, because I have a natural “twang” in my voice that I’ve grown up with.  That being said, I was immediately drawn to the story from the first page.  I love dark, gruff characters like Jake.  It’s so easy to sink your teeth into a character like that.

What was your favorite part of narrating Come Home to Me?

  My favorite part is definitely the lead character, Jake.  Throughout Westerns we have seen the Evolution of the Cowboy.  We start with Roy Rogers “The Singing Cowboy.”  Then John Wayne came and gave us the Cowboy that always knows what’s right, and does just that.  He is the example of what is good.  But then Clint Eastwood came and gave us the “Anti-Hero” in Westerns.  That tends to be my favorite kind of character.  He’s usually not the most “moral” of man.  He gets thrown into an extreme situation that he never likes, but where people depend on him to lead.  Just like in this book, Come Home to Me, he gets a second chance.  You never really know if he’s going to see things through to the end, or just walk away.  And if he does get there, if he doesn’t just go back to his old self.  It just creates more layers and colors to work with for a character.  And as an actor, I love it.

What do you hope the listeners will take away from your delivery?

  I know Peggy, at this point, has received many loyal fans.  As she should.  I hope it’s another way for her fans to enjoy her literature.  Hopefully it will only help transport the reader, even more so, into this fantastically rugged world that she has created.  And I am really excited and humbled that I was able to be a part of that.

I've posted two audio samples at the bottom. I've posted the first sample before, but the second one definitely has a spoiler in it, so if you are not familiar with the story and don't wish to be "spoiled", only listen to the first sample. 

Available now at
Will be available at iTunes and on Amazon within a few days.

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Teaser Tuesday - Ain't No Angel

This is the last teaser I will post for Ain't No Angel (guess what that means!)

 I was way off on my writing schedule for this particular book. Some unforeseen personal circumstances, deciding to try and write two books simultaneously early in the writing of this book (which was a mistake and something I will never attempt to do again), and a work-related commitment has set me back by a month or more with this book. I will announce a release date next week.  Thank you to all my eager readers who have waited so patiently for this story to get finished. 

Tyler cleared his throat. “Is there anything you need to get settled?” He pushed himself away from the fence, and started for the barns. 
Laney laughed softly, and fell in step next to him. He perused her out of the corner of his eyes. Her hair fluttered loosely around her face, and cascaded down her back. He gripped his hat to curb the urge to reach over and touch it. It would be smooth as silk. His fingers tingled from the memory of lifting her hair aside the day before in order to loosen her corset.
Dammit! He needed to get his head on straight. Everything she’d done yesterday, whether intentional or not, had fueled his desire for her unlike anything he ever experienced. 
“Is something funny?” he asked.
Laney glanced up at him. “There are a lot of things I need, cowboy, but I don’t think you’ll be able to supply me with any of them.”
Tyler closed his eyes for the briefest of seconds. How was he supposed to interpret those words? Was she flirting with him, or was there another meaning to what she’d said, other than the obvious.

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Book Giveaway!

I'm having a book giveaway  on my facebook page! You can also enter in comments here on the blog. (Be sure to leave your contact info in the comment)

Tell me what your favorite scene was in any of my books, and you are entered to win a signed  paperback copy of either Come Home to Me, or one of the books in the Yellowstone Romance Series (winner's choice)

Winner will be chosen in a blind draw on Friday, November 22nd, and announced on Saturday, November 23rd.

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Book Release for Charlene Raddon!

Taming Jenna Release Party and Giveaway! By Western Historical Romance Author Charlene Raddon. Comment on this blog, then hop to all the other blogs listed at the bottom of the post for a chance to win a $30 gift card from Charlene!

Deserted by her father at the tender age of seven, Jenna Leigh-Whittington had taught herself to ride, shoot, brawl…and steer clear of the opposite sex. But now, in a lonely Utah canyon, the Pinkerton agent has drawn her gun on a rugged stranger—only to discover that, far from the dangerous outlaw she’d been tracking, he is Branch McCauley, hired gun…and the most irresistible rascal ever to tempt and torment a woman!

If there’s one thing McCauley trusts less than a female, it’s a female who packs a six-gun. But what a woman! Vowing to bring the sensuous hellcat to heel, McCauley has no inkling that their passionate battle of wills has just begun. Taming Jenna will be the most seductive—and satisfying—job he’s ever taken on.

Author Bio
Charlene Raddon began her fiction career in the third grade when she announced in Show & Tell that a baby sister she never had was killed by a black widow spider. She often penned stories featuring mistreated young girls whose mother accused of crimes her sister had actually committed. Her first serious attempt at writing fiction came in 1980 when she woke up from a vivid dream that compelled her to drag out a portable typewriter and begin writing. She’s been at it ever since. An early love for romance novels and the Wild West led her to choose the historical romance genre but she also writes contemporary romance. At present, she has five books published in paperback by Kensington Books (one under the pseudonym Rachel Summers), and four eBooks published by Tirgearr Publishing. 
Charlene’s awards include: RWA Golden Heart Finalist, Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award Nomination, Affair de Coeur Magazine Reader/Writer Poll for Best Historical of the Year. Her books have won or place in several contests.
Currently, Charlene is working on her next release.


Here is the list of participating blogs for the giveaway. Check them all out, see the books published by these authors and leave comments. The party will last until the 15th when Charlene will announce winners for the giveaway. She will be giving a $30 gift card for the visitor who comments the most.

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Meet the voice of Yellowstone Heart Song

Yellowstone Heart Song will be available in audiobook format soon! My special guest today is producer/narrator, Alexandra Haag, who did an outstanding job in bringing the book to life.  

 Tell us about yourself. What else do you do besides VO?

I volunteer with various organizations within my community.   I love to travel, golf, snow ski, fitness walk, ride my electric bicycle and, of course, read a wide variety of books. I'm a firm believer that learning is a life-long process and that a curious mind makes an interesting life.

 What made you decide to become a voice actor?

I came upon this craft along a very circuitous route. I volunteer for the Radio Reading Service for the visually impaired at our local PBS Radio station and have read scripture at church services for many years.  Additionally, I head up a neighborhood book club. One month's selection seemed like a great book for audio, but was not available in that format. I knew someone who was essentially blind who would like the book, so I informally recorded it just for him. It occurred to me that I'd like to make a career out of this. Although I thought I'd read only non -fiction, I was quickly offered opportunities to narrate dramatic fiction. That is when the experience I'd had at weekly post-graduate acting workshops kicked in and I found I loved doing fiction, too.
I like to say that a book by a 14th century mystic led me to voice acting!

 When you are reading the script, do you become animated?   Describe what we would see.

I stand when I narrate, and my face becomes pretty expressive, but I don't flail my arms around or do things that might cause extraneous noise; one has to be careful even about clothing so that any movement made in turning pages or operating the recording software and equipment is soundless. I always have water at hand, as well as Chapstick.

 What is your favorite type of story to which you lend your voice talents?

I like any stories that have relatable heroes and heroines whom I can cheer for and plots rooted in values that reflect my own.

 What drew you narrate Yellowstone Heart Song?

Yellowstone Heart Song has characters that are likable and admirable and who are also very human. History has always interested me and time travel is always a fascinating concept.

 Do you do anything to prepare for a narrating session?

I read over my notes from my initial reading of the book, note the characters who will appear, and skim the pages for the plot and character devices used by the author in furthering characterizations and story. On the days that I record, I "wake up my voice" in the morning by wandering around my house singing.

  What sets you apart as a voice actor?

That's a tough question for me to answer. I do hope the listener hears a voice they can enjoy over the course of several hours, and one that engages them and immerses them in the world the author creates.

 What was your favorite part of narrating Yellowstone Heart Song?

The setting for the story is gorgeous. Aimee and Daniel are compelling characters and I like the banter between them; and, I must admit, Francoise and Pierre were fun to voice.

 The most challenging?

The correct and smooth pronunciation of some words and names required some research and practice. And it's sometimes a little weird voicing both parts of an "intimate" scene.

 What do you hope the listeners will take away from your delivery?

I hope the listeners feel the book comes alive for them, become absorbed in it, and look forward to more from the author (and me!).

 Share an unusual experience that happened during or as a result of narrating

Well, I have an appreciation of tall, dark, and scowly men!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - Ain't No Angel

I was posting my teasers on my facebook page the last few weeks, and realized I should post them here on the blog as well. So, starting this week, I'll be posting them at both places. 

"Sometimes you just have to listen to the horses. They will always tell you what they need. Force a young horse into submission, and you’ll either have a fight on your hands, or they’ll run away from you.”
 Tyler noted a touch of bitterness in her voice. Her smile vanished, and she turned her head to glare straight ahead. A faraway look passed through her eyes. Was she referring to the horse, or to herself?
“What are you running from, Laney?” Tyler asked quietly, and reached for the filly’s reins. He halted Charlie, and pulled the protesting filly’s head toward him. Laney’s heated gaze shot up at him, her wide eyes filled with a hint of unease. The same unease he’d seen earlier, when Gabe had her cornered along the porch rail. She stared at him for what seemed like an eternity. Tyler released the rein. Someone had hurt her, and he had no desire to put that kind of mistrust in her eyes. In fact, he’d do whatever he could to make sure her eyes continued to sparkle the way they had moments ago.
“I’m running from a lot of things, Tyler,” she finally said, her voice barely above a whisper. Then she raised her head, and inhaled a deep breath. Her lips curved in a false smile. “Looks like my luck has finally turned.”

Monday, November 11, 2013

Guest Author Danielle Rose-West

Please help me welcome a special friend of mine, British romance  author Danielle Rose-West.  I’m so glad you agreed to an interview on my blog, Danielle!

Please introduce yourself. Tell us a little about the person behind the pen.

My name is Danielle Rose-West and I live in the United Kingdom with my family and our small dog. I am something of a romantic dreamer and always have been. I have always been a rather shy person.  When I was growing up, books were often my best friends! 
I have loved reading since I was a small child. My very first books were by Enid Blyton. She completely fascinated me with all the different worlds she introduced me to. My very favourite books were her Far Away Tree series. I still remember every story in those books even now! Magical!
I love to read still, of course, and I enjoy spending time with my husband when we both have time off from work. I love to get out and about. I walk very day for exercise and it really helps me to plot my books. I really am a very ordinary person getting to live the dream of being a writer!

Why did you decide to write romance books? What is the appeal?

As I said before, I am a romantic dreamer. I have been hooked on romance since I read my very first romance novel, which I remember was So Speaks the Heart by Johanna Lindsey. Every book I write has to have romance at the heart of it. Truly, I don’t think I could ever write anything else. I love to put an unusual twist on the story because that really interests me as a writer and as a person, but at the end of the day, it’s still a romance! I believe completely in true love and in finding that one special person that fills all the spaces within you and completes you. I was lucky enough to find that in my life and my wish for every person in the world is that they will find it too. There is nothing like it!

How much research goes into your books, and how do you tackle that?

It depends on the story, but there is always a certain amount of research that goes in. Even though there is an element within my books that is totally magical or paranormal, I do like to add realism in the storyline too. Generally, I do a lot of research using the net. I like to find videos wherever I can and pictures that really help me get a visual in my head. In my latest book, the story is centred on a large Georgian house. I found floor plans of those types of houses to give me a feel of the layout and pictures that showed me the inside and outside of those kinds of dwellings. It really made it come alive for me and I was able to write so much more vividly because of that. In my book, Forever You, the hero owns an olive farm. I found videos on You Tube that showed me how they made the oil, what the presses looked like etc. It was really interesting to see the way olive oil was made and to be able to paint that picture for my readers. I actually do love doing research. I learn something new with every book I write!

What is the best comment you ever received from a reader? The worst or weirdest?

I have had a lot of wonderful comments that really blew me away. One of the best has probably been when I received an email from a reader who told me how much she’d loved Wild Fire and wanted to know if the second book was out. It filled me with so much joy that someone loved my work enough to email me and let me know about it. Another one was someone that said she’d expected my book to be the usual cowboy meets girl, is mean, gets redeemed and then they get together. She was amazed that it was so much more than that and loved the book. I think the worst was when someone actually said that they didn’t think I could write an out for my characters without coping out by using my fairy godmother characters. That one hurt a lot because they hadn’t understood the concept of the book. I wanted my fairy godmothers to be part of saving the day. It was meant to have a magical element to the story and I loved how they were a part of things. It is always sad when a reader just doesn’t get it, but I accept there will always be someone that doesn’t. It’s part of being a writer.

Tell us a little about your writing style? Do you plan and plot your stories, or do you just plow through them?

I have an initial idea that really excites me for a basic plotline. Then I get ideas for scenes within the book and a rough feeling of the structure of the story. Characters start taking shape in my head and names are a really important part of that process. I have to find names for my characters that really suit them. When I sit down to write the story, I often have the first chapter really outlined in my head, but I don’t always have every bit of plot worked out. Sometimes that develops along the way and characters often write themselves, so it can happen that something pops up with the story that I didn’t expect. I actually re-wrote the ending of my latest book because the villain demanded it. The original version wasn’t quite right. I won’t stop with a story until all the elements are tied up and explained. Everything has to fit right before the book is published.

Can you tell us a little about your current work, Hidden in Shadows? Is there a story behind the story?

I was very much inspired to write this story by my mum. The original idea took root when I was working on Wild Fire. Some of the plot twists really surprised my mum, who was avidly reading the book as I wrote it. One day she said to me, “Why don’t you write a mystery. I think you’d be really good at it.” I hadn’t really considered it before that, but I have always loved mysteries. I think Agatha Christie was amazing. One of my favourite TV programmes, Midsomer Murders, have often had spooky episodes surrounding a murder. It inspired the idea of a set of romantic mystery, suspense novels with a paranormal twist. I have always loved ghost stories (not horror, but just really spine tingling stuff!), so I decided to write a series with that wonderful ghostly element and what better way to start than with an old haunted house! Who doesn’t love that!

What sets your heroine Jenna apart from all the other women in your hero’s Kyle’s life? Why is she perfect for him?

Jenna is the first woman that really sparks Kyle’s interest after his girlfriend Susan dumped him and left for a new life in the States. He is very attracted to her, even though he tries to fight it because he doesn’t really want to get involved with someone again, especially a woman that he’s working for. Jenna is a natural woman, who doesn’t dress up and wear tons of make-up. She doesn’t put on airs and graces, and that’s not something Kyle has encountered before. She brings out all his protective instincts and he just wants to help her and be her hero. They do bump heads a couple of times as we all do in life, but they are also both there for each other. If one of them is struggling and has a problem, the other one will do anything to help them. Jenna is perfect for Kyle because they complement each other. She makes him face himself and he does the same for her. They are both better people because of each other.

Have you ever had writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

I haven’t really had writers block in one way. I have had chapters in books that just weren’t working. I would read them and know the scene wasn’t right, but couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it. Sometimes the plot wasn’t quite ironing out properly, stuff like that. Usually, I take a break from writing. I go for a long walk to clear my head and if that doesn’t work, I sometimes air the problem out with my husband. Often the problem solves itself when I simply talk about it and the solution becomes clear. I hope I never experience the horror of a full writers block. It must be awful.

Can you give us a little background on your hero Kyle that’s only in your author notes, and not found in your story? What inspired you to create this character?

Kyle is quite a serious man. He has a great friend in Michael, who is the person he is closest to before Jenna comes into his life. His family life growing up was troubled. Kyle is someone who doesn’t find it easy to open up to people because of that. His father spent more time working than being at home and his mother left when he was quite young. As a result, Kyle doesn’t like mixing with people so much. He is a quiet man who keeps to himself. He doesn’t like people prying into his life or getting into his personal space. I really felt Kyle and could see him vividly in my mind. He is inspired partly by someone in my life. That person is very private as well, so I won’t say who it is. But they are a diamond and so is Kyle. When Kyle gives his loyalty, he won’t be budged. He takes responsibility very seriously because he was so let down by his family. He won’t let others down in the same way. He is someone you could depend on.

Describe a favorite scene in your current novel?

I have so many favourite scenes in this novel. I love a lot of the scenes between Kyle and Michael. Michael is such a funny character and I laughed a few times with the things he says or does. The interaction between the two of them is something I loved writing. My other favourite scene is when Jenna finds out that Kyle wanted to buy her house. She has already had some rather weird things going on in the house and becomes convinced he’s responsible and is trying to drive her out of her home. She confronts Kyle and they have this huge row. Michael is present at the time and the only thing he’s worried about are the ghosts. The scene is both dramatic, with Kyle and Jenna shouting at each other, and funny because Michael is trying to convince them both that the ghosts are responsible for all the mischief. I loved writing that scene and have included an excerpt from that for this interview. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What else do you have in store for your readers?

I am currently writing the second book in the Haunted by the Past Series and there will be a third book also. I have a further three books planned for my The Fairy Tale Match series and I have a third series in mind, which I am really excited about. I also am toying with a book with three short stories, all connected with a special magical thread. That one is still very much in the planning stages. There is lots still to come.
I would like to say a special thank you to Peggy, not only for hosting this interview for me but also for all her feedback and support when I was writing Hidden in Shadows. She helped me so much with tips and writing advice. It wouldn’t be the book it is today without her support. Peggy, you are an amazing author and an even better friend. Thank you!

Hidden in Shadows Books Synopsis

When she buys an old Georgian house, Jenna Mansfield thinks it’s the answer to all her prayers. She can start afresh away from her over protective family and the tragedy that led her to a nervous breakdown several years before. Ignoring the house’s reputation for being haunted, Jenna moves to Cornwall with high hopes for her future. The sexy builder she hires to renovate her new home captures her interest, but when strange events start taking place around her and rumours reach her ears, she is left wondering if her builder is harbouring a secret.
Kyle Tanner is furious when the house he wanted to buy and renovate to further his small building firm, slips through his fingers for the second time. He doesn’t expect the new owner to be interested in taking him on for the work, but she surprises him in more ways than one. Deeply attracted to his new employer, Kyle fights hard against the unwanted feelings she stirs in him and then the trouble begins.
Kyle and Jenna find themselves swept up in the mystery that surrounds Millington House and its ghostly residents. The past won’t stay silent and someone with a deadly secret lurks in the shadows. As events unfold, Jenna finds herself the target of a crazed killer. Can they uncover the truth before time runs out or will the past be forever hidden in shadows?


Stumbling along the coast road, she slumped down on a bench that overlooked the sea. Her gaze failed to register the waves as they tossed themselves onto shore. Kyle had wanted to buy her house, not once but twice. He’d lost out to the previous owners and then to her. She remembered Tiffany telling her how the Perkins had left terrified. Had Kyle been responsible for driving them away? Was he doing the same to her?
She thought of all the things that had happened, her lips thinning as her fury rose. It had to be. Kyle was trying to drive her away so he could buy the house when she put it back up for sale. Well, not in this lifetime! Shooting up from the bench, Jenna marched home. The pounding of her feet sounded like the beat of a drum preceding an army into battle.
She flew into the house, dropping her bag and the paint thinner to the floor before she stomped into the study. She barely registered the huge man working in the room with Kyle. Her whole attention riveted upon her tormentor.
“Why did you say nothing about having wanted to buy my house?” she demanded, her hands curled into fists.
Kyle spun around from the wall he’d been stripping. His shocked expression would have been comical in any other situation. Jenna didn’t find anything funny about it now.
“Who told you that?” he finally got out.
“Does it matter? It’s true isn’t it?” Jenna demanded, anger nearly choking her.
“Yes, it’s true. I didn’t tell you simply because it wasn’t important.” He clutched the scraper in his hand tighter, his knuckles turning white.
“Not important?” Her brow rose in question. He frowned at her deadly tone, his eyes full of confusion. “I would say it was more likely you didn’t want me to know so I wouldn’t guess what you were up to!”
“What the hell are you talking about?” He planted his hands on his hips, staring at her as if she’d lost her mind.
“Don’t deny it!” Her voice rose with increasing tempo. She waved her finger in his face, one hand firmly planted on her own hip. “Don’t you dare deny what you’ve been doing to me! I know your game. You did it to the Perkins too, didn’t you?” She stalked forward, practically shoving her face into Kyle’s increasingly confused and angry one.
“Look here, I haven’t the foggiest notion what you’re talking about!” He stabbed a finger towards her chest. “You need to sort out your facts before you go accusing people of things.”
“Really?” she snarled. She began ticking points off on her fingers. “Fact One, you wanted to buy this house, but was beat to it by the Perkins. Fact Two, they were driven from their home in terror, forcing them to sell. Fact Three, you wanted to buy this house again, but I beat you to it. Fact Four, odd things are happening here and I would bet money on it you’re behind them.” She glared at him triumphantly.

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