Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Teaser Tuesday! First look at In His Arms

What am I thinking, trying to write two books at once?!? I tried that a couple of years ago when I started Ain't No Angel and Teton Sunset. After about five chapter into each book, I had to make a decision and choose to focus on one over the other. I chose to finish Ain't No Angel first.
I'm sort of in the same situation again. This time, I'm working on Yellowstone Origins (Book 6 in the Yellowstone Romance Series), and In His Arms (Book 3 in the Blemished Brides Series). The current score as of today is:

Yellowstone Origins: 7 chapters done
In His Arms: 10 chapters done

So, here's a first look at In His Arms, since I've posted a first snippet of Origins a couple of weeks ago. I will try and make this a weekly feature again. 

Levi pulled his hat from his head, and raked his fingers through his long hair. Perhaps he should visit the barber in town, but shook his head. He didn’t need a haircut. He preferred his hair long, and kept his face clean-shaven.
“Keeps the vermin away,” Buck had always said.
Levi glanced toward the store in front of him. It had been over a year since he’d last been in town. He’d come more often while Buck was still alive, but folks had looked down their noses at him even then.
A woman holding a screaming child’s hand rushed past him, walking faster and glancing at him with fear in her eyes. Levi shook his head. Things hadn’t changed much. If he didn’t need to stock up on a few items, he wouldn’t have come out of the high country at all. He had most things he needed at his cabin. This was his first venture out of the mountains since Buck’s death, and a sudden wave of loneliness washed over him.
“Man’s gotta have coffee and biscuits every now and then,” Buck would say during their twice-a-year visit into town.
The old trapper had gone under more than a year ago, and the coffee had finally run out. Levi tossed a quick look over his shoulder toward the hitching rail. More than a year’s worth of furs were piled onto the mule’s back. Hopefully the owner of the mercantile would buy them, or trade for some supplies.
He headed for the store, when a woman emerged, and he nearly collided with her heavily pregnant belly.
“Beg your pardon, ma’am,” he stammered, and skirted around her.
“No harm done.” She smiled, and Levi’s brows rose. That wasn’t the reaction he usually received from folks.