Tuesday, June 15, 2021


                            New Website coming soon!

I'm excited to announce that I'm working on a new website, and it should be ready in a few short weeks. I'm hoping to have it up and running by July 1st of 2021.

I've relied on my blog for years to serve as my home on the web, but as you can see, it's been sorely neglected. Between writing and taking care of my hobby farm (vegetable garden, ponies, chickens and turkeys), maintaining a blog and keeping the book pages current has been difficult. 

The new site will be current with all my books - new and old, links, and current news.  

Once the new site is live,  this blog page will be retired. The website address (peggylhenderson.com) will not change, but instead to bringing you here to this site, it will take you directly to directly to the new site. 

I hope to see you there soon!