Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Release in the Blemished Brides Series

I'm excited to bring you the fourth book in the Blemished Brides Western Historical Series, IN HIS KISS!
Release Date; January 17, 2017
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About the book:
Eleanor Benton has lived most of her life under the protective watch of her widowed father. A tragic, life-altering event robbed her of the person she could have been. When she is brought to stay with her relatives on a horse ranch in Montana, she meets a man who reaches out to her in ways no one else has ever done.
Lance Taggart prefers being a drifter and doesn’t believe in putting down roots. Together with his canine companion, he finds solace in keeping his distance from those who cannot see past his mixed-blood heritage. When his boss' quiet, auburn-haired niece arrives at the ranch, his priorities are about to change.
Facing the daily misunderstandings and harsh realities of an often cruel, close-minded society, Lance and Ellie fight to overcome what others perceive as barriers. Will their love be strong enough to withstand the truth that links their pasts in a way they never imagined?
***This book contains some mild language, mild violence, and kissing. Heat level 2 on a scale of 0-5. PG
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What others are saying about the book: 

Essentially the novel is a beautiful and delightful love story of two people who have always felt alone in the world finding somewhere to belong, or should I say someone with whom to belong … Readers are advised to keep tissues handy!
A heartwarming addition to this wonderful series.
Loved the strength of the characters and the details of the writing to make you feel all of the emotions.

I would love to hear what you think after you've read the book! Please send me an email and let me know! A review at the retailer of your choice would also be greatly appreciated!
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A short Excerpt: 

Ellie pushed the curtain aside. Her hand reached for the white wooden trim around the window as her eyes followed the horse circling around the pen, and the man standing in the center. She’d seen soldiers try to catch unruly horses with lassos before, but this man was clearly not trying to rope the horse. He was making the animal move away from him. Her forehead scrunched in puzzlement.
Fascinated, she leaned against the window frame. She pushed wisps of her hair away from her cheek that had come loose of the pins that kept the long strands out of her face. The ends of her scarf tickled the underside of her jaw, and she ran a finger underneath the material to loosen it. Perspiration dampened her skin, so she unwrapped it completely from her neck. The breeze cooled the moist skin along her throat.
Her eyes returned to the scene outside. Watching the horse moving around the pen had a soothing effect on her jumbled insides. The wrangler remained in the center of the pen, only stepping forward when the horse slowed. He barely moved when he raised his arm and pivoted his body. As if on cue, the horse suddenly turned toward the man and took off in the other direction.
Mesmerized, Ellie stood rooted to the spot. The man sent the horse forward with only the slightest shifts of his body, so subtle that not many people would have noticed. When the animal lowered its head, the man stood still and, judging by the way his hat tilted forward, he’d also lowered his gaze. As if it had been given an invisible signal, the horse stopped and walked toward the man, coming to a halt directly in front of him. The man touched his palm to the horse’s forehead, then walked away. The horse followed close behind him, even though there was no rope attached to its head or neck.
He was talking to that horse. Communicating without words.
Ellie’s heart fluttered as her limbs tingled with an inexplicable sensation of excitement.
Uncle John and the shorter man met the wrangler at the fence. The two men nodded vigorously, clearly pleased about something. The wrangler patted the horse’s neck, then ducked between two of the fence planks and stepped out of the pen. He removed his hat from his head, revealing a mop of trimmed, raven black hair. Standing next to Uncle John and the other man, it became apparent even from a distance that his skin was a shade darker.
Ellie’s heart picked up its pace a second time. A slight gasp escaped her mouth. Was he Indian? She shook her head. His hair was short. No Indian she’d ever encountered wore his hair short. From what she knew about them, it was an insult for a man to cut his hair. Perhaps his skin was merely darker from hours spent in the sun and, combined with his dark hair, gave him the appearance of an Indian. It was too far to see to know for sure.
Ellie inhaled a deep breath to calm the sudden unease that flowed through her body. She was about to step away from the window when the wrangler lifted his hat back to his head. Before he put it on, he looked toward the house. His head raised to the upper story. Ellie stumbled backward. Before she’d moved away from the window and out of sight, the man had stared directly at her.