Friday, May 1, 2015

Timeline for the Yellowstone and Teton Romance Series

I've received multiple requests lately for a recommendation on the order my books in the Yellowstone and Teton Romance Series should be read, since there is cross-over with characters in both series. These cross-overs aren't in all the book, but certainly in a few. The two series are closely related in where they are set (Yellowstone and the Tetons), and the time period (early to mid 1800's) and subject matter (mountain men and fur trappers, and wilderness adventure), and I love bringing characters from one series to make cameo appearances in the other. Since I wrote the Yellowstone Series first, there are obviously more cross-overs in the Teton books, but in my latest Yellowstone release, Yellowstone Homecoming, I brought the Walker family into the story for a quick cameo. 

So, here is what I've put together to sort of mesh the two series into one timeline. 

Timeline for the Yellowstone and Teton Romance Series

Title                                     Main Characters              Cross-over characters
                                             (secondary characters)            (either cameos or mentions)

**Yellowstone Heart Song           Daniel Osborne, Aimee Donovan                        none
            (1810)                                                (Jana, Dan, Elk Runner)

Yellowstone Christmas              Aimee, Daniel, Matthew, Zach, Sam                    none
         (1815)                                      Elk Runner

Teton Sunrise                             Alex Walker and Evie Lewis              Daniel Aimee, Sarah, Matthew, 
       (1828)                                                                                                        Zach

**Yellowstone Redemption          Sarah Osborne, Chase Russell                           none
              (1835)                                (Daniel, Aimee, Elk Runner, Matthew
                                                          Zach, Samuel)


Yellowstone Homecoming          Matthew Osborne, Adelle Witmer         Alex, Evie, Lucas, Joseph  
            (1838)                                (Daniel, Aimee, Sarah, Chase, Zach)

Yellowstone Season of Giving        Elk Runner, Little Bird                                     none
             (1850)                                   (Osborne clan and Russell clan)

Teton Splendor                           Joseph Walker, Sophia Yancey         Chase, Samuel, Summer Rain
      (1853)                                               (Alex, Evie, Lucas)                       Kyle, Kara, Zach, Josh

Yellowstone Proposal               Kara Russell, Ethan Donelly                       Lucas Walker
          (1854)                                                 (Zach Osborne)

Teton Sunset                             Lucas Walker, Victoria Williams                              none
    (1855)                                            (Alex, Evie, Joseph, Sophia)

Teton Season of Joy                Alex, Evie, Sophie, Joseph, Lucas, Tori, Daniel, Aimee,     
          (1856)                                   Sarah, Chase (plus children)                    

Yellowstone Awakening            Kyle Russell, Kate Ellen Deveraux                         none
        (1871)                                           (Sarah, Chase, Samuel, Zach)

Yellowstone Dawn                       Josh Osborne, Danica Jensen                              none
        (1877)                                  (Kyle, Kate, Sarah, Samuel, Chase)

**Yellowstone Deception              Dan Osborne, Jana Evans                                   none
         (2011/1811)                             (Daniel, Aimee, Elk Runner)

**Yellowstone Promise               Chase, Sarah, Daniel, Aimee, Dan, Jana               none

**Yellowstone Origins                            Cameron, Riley (Jana, Dan)                        none                      

(** denotes time travel )

To be continued…..



  1. Some family trees (genealogy) would be helpful as well - just to keep the characters straight in my head while I am reading. I love the Yellowstone and Teton series!!!!

    1. Hi Francesca, Thanks for stopping by! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed both series. A family tree for the Yellowstone characters is in the works....

  2. I just finished"Yellowstone Heart Song" What a wonderful story. I felt as though I also traveled back in time. Thank you for sharing your gift as a writer with me.

  3. I just finished your first book in the Yellowstone Series and fell in love with the story! I am officially hooked on your writing style. I loved the plot of this story and can’t wait to read more.
    Dee Smith