Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Teton Sunset

Enjoy this week's teaser!

Satisfied that there was no danger at the moment, Lucas turned back to the fire. The girl hadn’t moved. She’d eaten the meat, and listlessly rotated the skewer between her fingers. Lucas nudged her arm.
“Bring your blanket,” he said, and motioned to the other side of the fire. She stared up at him with wide eyes.
“What for?” she challenged. She didn’t budge.
Drawing in a deep breath, Lucas reached for her arm, and easily hauled her to her feet. “Because I’d like to get some sleep.”
“Don’t let me keep you, Walker,” she retorted, and yanked her arm back. He tightened his grip, and his lips widened in a smile.
“It might get a tad cold tonight,” he drawled, and glanced up at the cloudless night sky. “I think it’s best that you and I stay close.”
Her eyes widened. Her tightly drawn lips quivered, as if she was about to erupt like some of those hot water pools he’d seen up along the Yellowstone. No question she would scald him with her words just as those hot pools would scald a man to death.
“Over my dead body. I’m not sleeping under the same blanket as you.” She tried to pull away from him. Lucas easily hauled her up against his chest. A fierce determination settled in her gaze, but he also detected a hint of fear. He cursed himself for putting that look in her eyes. Why did she have to be so disagreeable?
Before he did something foolish, like wrap his arms around her and kiss her, Lucas wrapped the strip of leather around her wrist instead, then tied it to his own arm.
“What are you doing?” she demanded heatedly, and yanked to pull her hand free.
“Making sure you don’t run off in the middle of the night.” Lucas pulled her along behind him.

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