Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Teton Sunset

Teaser Tuesdays are back!

Here is a snippet from Teton Sunset, the book that got interrupted so I could concentrate on writing Ain't  No Angel.  

I'm really enjoying writing  Lucas Walker's story!

Lucas stepped toward the hearth, and she backed away, maintaining her distance. Her head turned quickly in one direction, then the other. She was looking for something to use as a weapon.
Hell, there was no reason for her to act like some skittish deer. Lucas frowned. He flipped the knife in his hand, catching the blade end, and held the handle out to her. He might regret his action later, but he didn’t need for her to be afraid.
“I ain’t gonna hurt you.” He gauged her reaction. Her eyes widened, and darted quickly from his face to the weapon he offered. “I expect you’ll return the favor.” His mouth curved in a grin.
The girl lunged forward and grabbed the knife from his hand, then retreated just as quickly. She shot him a suspicious look.
“Then why am I without my clothes? And where’s my rifle?” Her voice rose in anger. A weapon in her hand seemed to have renewed her confidence.
Lucas leaned over the cast iron pot hanging on the tripod in the hearth.
“Supper’s done. I bet you must be hungry.”
“Answer my question, dammit.” She rushed up to him, the knife inches from his throat.
Lucas grabbed her wrist, applying just enough pressure to force her to drop the weapon. The knife fell to the floor with a dull thud. The girl twisted and struggled against his hold on her, and her free hand swung around and shoved against his chest. He caught her other wrist, just as she brought her knee up to connect with his groin.
Lucas coughed and toppled forward. Stars twinkled in front of his eyes, and for a second he thought he might be sick. She had good aim.

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