Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Come Home To Me

Sorry for not posting a teaser last week. I was busy working with my cover designer on a cover for Come Home To Me. There is a poll on my facebook page right now to pick the final cover for the book. Everyone who casts a vote (except for my beta readers who voted, and you know who you are) will be entered to win a ARC of the book. The poll will close when I announce a release date. 

Here is this weeks teaser for Come Home to Me (Book 1 in the Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series)

Squinting into the wind, Rachel wasn’t sure if the tears that rolled down her cheeks were due to the dust, or if she’d finally succumbed to homesickness. She missed the company of others, someone she could talk to, familiar faces of people she’d known all her life. Bracing against the sensation of someone crushing her chest, she mindlessly set one foot in front of the other, her worn leather shoes sinking into the loose soil. She couldn’t think about home anymore, or the friends she’d left behind.
She was the one who suggested to Thomas that they move out west so he could make a new start. She had really hoped the idea would brighten his spirits. He’d gone along with her suggestion at first, seemed almost eager at the idea, but it hadn’t taken long for his broodiness to return. She glanced up, squinting into the sun that slowly descended into the far off horizon, and envisioned the Oregon territory she’d heard so much about.  Perhaps when Thomas saw the lush green valleys of Oregon, and laid claim to the 320 acres of land that would be theirs to farm, he would finally return to the man she’d known before . . .
Loud giggles penetrated her mind, and she held her hand to her forehead to shield her eyes from the wind and sun. A rider on a dun horse galloped towards the line of wagons, heading directly for her. Jake Owens. Rachel’s heart fluttered in her chest. The man sat his horse as if he were one with the animal. She hadn’t seen him much over the last three days, after that first night when he ate supper at her wagon.

So, who knows their Oregon Trail history? Where was this picture taken? 


  1. That IS a teaser! Just enough info to make me interested in finding out what's going on with these characters! The pic: I don't recall much about the history of the Oregon Trail, and I don't know what the exact location would be, but it sure looks like it would be in the heart of the badlads of North or South Dakota?!?!

    1. You had me curious, so I went hunting for the answer to your trivia question...and now I know a little more about the Oregon Trail, and that your pic is of "Scott's Bluff" in Nebraska. Very cool!

    2. Yes! Scott's Bluff, Nebraska, one of several bluff formations encountered by emigrants as they traveled through the Nebraska prairie above the North Platte River. It is the second-most referred to landmark on the Oregon, Mormon and California Trail. Chimney Rock is the other. Today, this is a National Monument.