Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Yellowstone Deception

Another quick teaser from Yellowstone Deception. I'll probably announce a release date next week!

Dan had always been proud of his family’s history here in Yellowstone. The fantastical idea that none of his family tree would be around if not for the impossibility that a woman from this time had traveled to the past was still something he couldn’t quite wrap his head around. He’d long given up wondering where that time travel snakehead could have possibly come from. He didn’t want to know the answer. What he really did want to know, what he needed to know – where was that device now?
Dan ran a hand through his hair, and headed out the door. Jana Evans was his key to finding that device. She had to be. His entire future depended on it. 


  1. Great teaser, Peggy! I've wanted to read Dan and Jana's story since you left me hanging at the end of HEART SONG. :o) So looking forward to this.

  2. LOL, Kirsten. You and quite a few other people. When I first wrote Heart Song, it was a stand alone book. Jana and Dan in the epilogue was an afterthought. I left it at that, so readers could make up their own minds whether the two would ride off into the sunset together. But it's always been my rule in my writing that if at least three people say the same thing/make the same comment about something in the book(s), I'd better listen. Well, Jana and Dan had more than three people in their corner clambering for their own story.

  3. Well add my bell to the clamber! LOL!