Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Yellowstone Deception

Dan drove back to Old Faithful in silence. Jana sat next to him, her hands balled up stiffly in her lap. Now why did he have to do a stupid thing and kiss her? The way Jana flung herself at him had surprised him beyond belief. For the last day and a half, she’d acted like a skittish deer in his presence. Her unexpected reaction to his return from the canyon floor stirred a deep longing within him, and only served to intensify his attraction to her.
He hadn’t been able to stop himself from taking advantage of the situation. Never before had he wanted to pursue a relationship with a girl the way he wanted to with Jana. Damned if he could explain it. He’d felt something strong and powerful tug at his insides the first time he saw her. It had drawn him to her like the proverbial moth to a flame, and the feeling only grew stronger by the hour, now that she was back. Now that he’d kissed her.

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