Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cover Design Contest

I'm at the point in Yellowstone Deception, where I need to think about a cover. In all my previous Yellowstone books, I have my characters, with a Yellowstone theme as the background. For books 1 and 2, I chose the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, namely the Lower Falls. For Book 1, I chose this background, because the model representing Daniel has a contemplative, almost sorrowful look. There's a scene in YHS, where Daniel is sitting gazing out at the Lower Falls, deep in thought about Aimee. 
For Yellowstone Redemption, I once again chose the Lower Falls, because the canyon and falls play a major role in the book.
For Yellowstone Awakening, I have a photo of Old Faithful, with a few other geysers in the background, and a locomotive at the bottom. All are significant symbols to the plot of that book. Likewise, for Yellowstone Dawn, I used a bison bathed in early morning fog. 

I have my character model photo for Yellowstone Deception, but I need a background picture. Here's what I have in mind, for anyone interested:

Tell me what symbolizes "Yellowstone" to you. What one thing - the geysers (a specific one?), hotsprings, a certain animal or landscape, or even a man-made structure. Anything goes for this cover. Leave a comment, and a way for me  to contact you. If you'd rather leave your contact info in a private email, email me at ynpdreamer at gmail dot com

If I choose your Yellowstone symbol, you will receive a free ebook of any one of the books in the Yellowstone Romance Series (your choice).
Entries will close on May 31st.


  1. Mountains or a stream with a grizzly bear or wolves - if it fits with the book. I always think of the wildlife when I think of Yellowstone.

  2. Hi Peggy, every memory of Yellowstone includes a glorious blue sky that stretches forever.

  3. I've never been there, but I've always thought of the geysers when I think of Yellowstone.