Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - Teton Splendor #5

Here is this week's teaser for Teton Splendor.

Joseph gave his horse a final pat on the neck, then left the stall. Coming to Boston had obviously been a big mistake. It was too late in the day to leave the city. He’d get an early start in the morning. The sooner he was away from here, the better. He wasn’t going back to that fancy house, either. After what happened this afternoon, he had most likely worn out his welcome.  Miss High and Mighty Society Princess wanted nothing to do with him or knowing more about where she came from.
Joseph scoffed. Hell, she wouldn’t last a day in the wilderness. The pampered way she’d been raised had spoiled her for the kind of life she would have had among her mother’s people. He couldn’t possibly present her to Two Bears looking and acting like the white woman she so obviously chose to be. 

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