Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - Teton Sunrise

This week's teaser is the last one I'll be posting for Teton Sunrise. I guess that means only one thing for next week....

After riding around nearly half of the lake’s perimeter, Alex guided his horse away from the shore and followed what looked to be a fast-flowing inlet. Heading upstream, the waters became much calmer, and the stream widened into a narrow lake that appeared to be rather shallow. Every rock and every fish was visible beneath the crystal clear water.  The snowy mountain peaks and the surrounding trees reflected artistically off the water like a mirror image.
“We’ll set up camp here tonight,” Alex said, halting his horse and pack animals near the sandy shore of the lake. Birds chirped loudly in the tree branches above, and a soft rustling of the breeze completed the peaceful atmosphere.
“This is a beautiful area,” Evelyn said, and waited for Alex to help her off her horse. It suddenly occurred to her that they were completely alone, and her pulse quickened. Alex held her at the waist while she dismounted, the warmth of his hands seeping through her clothing. She turned to face him, and grabbed hold of his upper arms, afraid he would walk away after setting her on the ground. 

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