Monday, February 18, 2013

Guest Author - Darrel Day

Please help me welcome my guest this week, Suspense author Darrel Day! Please tell us a little about yourself and your books.

My name is Darrel Day and I am the published author of four Suspense novels. They are available in both print and ebook format. The novels are titled Abduction, Penance {the long awaited sequel to Abduction}, Until Death Do We Meet, and Into the Abyss. I have also published a Sci-fi titled Ice Changers and a short story novel which is a collection of four of my own stories titled Four Short Story of Suspense. I have finished the third segment of a six part series from The Witches of the Forest series titled Salem Village; A Queens Journey
 I am the singer/lyrics writer of over 100 songs and have produced a CD titled "SimplyD" that includes 13 of my favorite songs.

How much research goes into your books, and how do you tackle that?

 The research I do depends on my personal knowledge of the subject I am writing about. Many of my novels contain forensics and other medical subjects. I want to be as accurate for my readers as possible and will spend an ample amount of time researching and learning about the subject. I use search engines as well as books I have purchased that help me gain more knowledge about the issues I write about or include in my novels.

Why did you decide to write Suspense thrillers and Sci-fi? What is the appeal? 

 Suspense has always been an interest of mine because of the intense feeling one gets when anticipation is brewing.There is an excitement that I felt every time I read a great suspense novel and I wanted to share that feeling with others. The Sci-fi side of writing is the open door it leaves for the writer. I am no longer limited to the "make sure its real" issue. The sky is the limit and the universe can be anything you want it to be. For someone with a totally wide open imagination like mine, it is truly the "cats meow."

  What is the best comment you ever received from a reader? The worst or weirdest?

 The best comment I ever received was "one day, the whole world will know who Darrel Day is." It really doesn't get bigger than that. The worst or weirdest was "And someone sleeps beside you every night, knowing you write these stories?" I smiled and simply said "Yep."

Tell us a little about your writing style? Do you plan and plot your stories, or do you just plow through them?

  My writing style comes from the way I see the world around me. I watch people and follow their ways of talking and interacting with people. I never plan a story out and know as little about what the next page will tell as the reader does. Even I find myself surprised at times when a story will suddenly take an unexpected twist. When I sit down to write, I look at the last paragraph and continue on.

Can you tell us a little about your current work? Is there a story behind the story?

 I am currently putting together my second novel containing four of my short stories. It will be 4 stories and 28 chapters with 7 chapters per story. The title has not yet been set to it.

What sets your heroine apart from all the other women in your hero’s life? Why is she perfect for him?

 The woman that is with the man in my novels is always strong in spirit. I don't care to read about a woman that is afraid to breathe without a man. Women today have found their courage and strength and I applaud that. The men in my novels are normally strong willed and so the match up is perfect. I think it makes for sparks and fire.
 Have you ever had writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

 I think that every writer has felt the "Oh My God" of sitting down and having their mind go blank. When that happens, I go find other things to do and often while working on a hobby or perhaps even fishing, inspiration finds its way to me. I will also sit and write about nothing in my personal journal and find an idea as I am. Walking the woods near my home or around the lake is a great place to find inspiration.

Describe a favorite scene in your current novel?

The heroine realizes that the man she loves is about to die. She has pushed him away so many times and now, she knows she loves him. She suddenly finds a strength in her that she didn't know she possessed. The fight that erupts from her is so powerful. Though she may not be able to save him from becoming a human sacrifice, she will die trying.

What else do you have in store for your readers?

I will be adding another segment to the Witches of the Forest series very soon. I think that the story has built into a write that makes it page turning worthy. I will be spending the next several months working with a client, writing her story of abuse, near death and how she rose above it all to survive. It was an extremely publicized story and trial and I am honored to have been asked to write her story. We will be meeting in February to discuss in depth her story. The story will require extensive research and much thought.

 I will also be starting a series {possibly a novel} on Vampires and the creatures that dwell in our darkest thoughts. I will keep you informed on my journeys. 

 Book signings coming up soon also so it looks to be a Very busy Winter and Springtime for me.

If you are looking for my novels please follow the urls I have set here for you. Thank you for reading this and thank you Peggy for the opportunity to share.

  Sincerely, Darrel Day 


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  1. What a gift to receive in Peggy taking time to help other authors. It is appreciated and the exposure is priceless. Thank you to all of my readers and thank you, Peggy.
    Darrel Day