Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - Teton Sunrise

cold and rainy morning on Elk Island (Jackson Lake)
Making good progress on Teton Sunrise, and working toward a release date. 

Here's today's teaser.

Evelyn curled her toes inside her shoes as if it would root her to the ground. An overwhelming urge to run after Aimee and Sarah swept over her. Instead, she glanced up at Alex, who hadn’t moved, nor had he stopped looking at her. Heat rose up her neck and into her cheeks from his intense perusal.  How many countless times had she thought about him over the years? He looked just as she envisioned him. No. He was even more handsome than what she’d imagined. How could the face staring back at her be the same face as the hardened mountain man she’d seen yesterday? The face of a murderer?
Alex cleared his throat. “I . . . ah, brought you this.” He held out a bundle of tan-colored cotton material. “Traded for it this morning. Thought you might like something else to wear other than your brother’s old britches. I hope it’s enough to make a dress.”
Trying to steady her hands, Evelyn reached for the muslin material that he offered. Her fingers grazed his, and she jerked back. Quick as lightning, Alex’s hand reached out, his fingers wrapping around her hand to keep her from pulling it away. 

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