Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guest Author - Dana Taylor

What is “Metaphysical Fiction”?
By Dana Taylor

About eight years ago I was having lunch with one of my writing pals—the now bestselling thriller author, Jordan Dane. We always had a lot of laughs while moaning about the difficulties of the writing biz. At that time, one of my biggest obstacles to writing success was not being able to fit into an established “genre box.” Jordan is not only an excellent writer, but a savvy businesswoman. She was positioning herself for a successful writing career with major publishing houses.
I, on the other hand, was following my flights of creative fancy. I am not a “savvy business woman.” I follow the road-less-traveled into things like Reiki energy healing, studying quantum physics, and spirituality.
At that lunch I remember telling her, “I want to start a new genre. I want to write ‘metaphysical fiction’!”
We howled. So funny. Metaphysical fiction. Ridiculous. Never happen.
Fast forward to 2013. Last week on one of my writing facebook groups someone asked, “What is metaphysical fiction?”
As my mother used to say, “All things come to those who wait.” Metaphysical fiction is indeed an up-and-coming genre. The popularity of paranormal and fantasy is opening up new realms of storytelling. The Indie revolution is providing creative freedom to break away from the tried-and-true. The sky’s the limit—or maybe the 12th Dimension!
All my books range from having a touch of “metaphysics” to a large helping. My strongest piece of metaphysical fiction is Jaguar Jack: A Mystic Adventure. This 2013 EPIC Award finalist mixes adventure, romance, with spiritual elements for a fast ride into good versus evil territory.

Jaguar Jack Campbell, Aussie reality TV star, travels the globe filming escapades in the wild. His charismatic charm conceals an unwanted psychic gift and buried memories.
Major Maggie Savannah, aka Maggie-the-Mouth, is brash, brave and beautiful. She lives to beat the bad guys via covert military operations. The last thing she wants is a reckless TV personality partner.
But when a Senator’s daughter is kidnapped by terrorists on a mysterious island, Jack and Maggie must join forces to secure her rescue and, perhaps, save the world.
“Romancing the Stone” meets “This Present Darkness” in a romantic adventure of good versus evil. From the author of “Ain’t Love Grand?,” “Devil Moon: A Mystic Romance,” and “Ever-Flowing Streams” comes an action-packed tale enhanced with spiritual overtones.

So, if you’re curious about “metaphysical fiction,” I invite you to take a look at  Jaguar Jack: A Mystic Adventure. Metaphysics can be fun!

Thanks for inviting me as a guest on your blog today, Peggy.
All the best--
Dana Taylor

Bio: Dana Taylor writes uplifting stories filled with inspiration and humor. Born and raised in California, she graduated from the University of Redlands. She lived for many years in Oklahoma and raised two daughters with her husband. Her experiences as a follower of Christ and a Lightworker influence her writings. She works as a Reiki therapist. Her love of music is currently reflected in her work as the President of the La Mirada Symphony Association in Southern California.
She has been published in various magazines, including the Ladies Home Journal. She hosted the Internet radio program Definitely Dana! at and won various contests with the Romance Writers of America, including Best First Book from the Desert Quill Awards. She has been posted on the Amazon Movers and Shakers List. Ever-Flowing Streams recently received 1st Place in the Religion & Spirituality Category of the E-Festival of Words Awards. She explores spirituality and natural health at  She also runs the women's fiction blogsite


  1. I remember teaching metaphysical conceits to my American Lit classes. Best of luck with this fascinating genre! Oh, we have volunteers who do Reiki upon our horses at the rescue. Wonderful!

    1. Hi Tanya--
      Animals respond so well to the Reiki energy. I don't think my cat would still be on planet earth today without the Reiki energy that broke up his urinary tract stones. Animals don't have any barriers up to prevent them from receiving the energy. Thanks for stopping by. Dana Taylor

  2. Hey Dana. Thanks for mentioning me. I really do miss you, my friend. Wish we lived closer.

    Your writing is sooooo rich with endearing characters and emotion, I love what you do. Any project you're involved in is GOLD.

    Thinking of you.