Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Few Announcements

My apologies that the blog has been so quiet lately. I'm trying to get my Friday trail features or campfire recipes features up and running again. Now that I have two new WIP's, I can post teasers again on Tuesdays. I'm sure if you're reading this blog, you've more than likely read the books in the Yellowstone Romance Series, so there's no need for me to keep posting excerpts from those books. I'm hopefully also going to get a few more western guest authors on the blog again on Mondays. 

First, let me say that Yellowstone Deception has had an awesome debut week! It is in the top 100 in time travel and historical fantasy, as well as in the top five in hot new time travel romance releases! 
Yellowstone Heart Song and Yellowstone Redemption have also remained in the top 100 in time travel romance and historical fantasy for the last three months. Yellowstone Awakening and Yellowstone Dawn pop in and out of the top 100 in Western romance. Thank you! My readers are aweseome!

As you can see on the sidebar to the right, Yellowstone Heart Song and Yellowstone Redemption have new covers! I finally decided to change the cover art for these two books. I still like the ones I made originally, but felt that they needed a little more professional look. I'm still in the learning process. Please let me know what you think of the new covers. 

Also, this Friday, July 20th, I am participating in a western blog hop. I hope you'll stop by, and also visit some of the other participating blogs. There will be lots of great prizes. 

I also post on my facebook page on most days, so I'd love for you to stop by and give it a "like". 

Sunset in Yellowstone


  1. I am reading the 3rd book of the Yellowstone series. I cannot remember when I have enjoyed a series so much. I am dreading coming to the end. I guess I will just have to keep getting your new series. (grin)

    1. HI Winona,
      thank you so much for your nice comments! It wasn't easy letting go of these characters. It's hard to believe that my debut book, Yellowstone Heart Song, which I originally wrote as a stand-alone, turned into a five-book series! I plan to bring a few of the old characters back for "guest appearances" in a historical trilogy set in the Grand Tetons. Stay tuned! :)


  2. I'm really excited to read Yellowstone Deception, I love this series!