Monday, April 16, 2012

Yellowstone Dawn Book Release and Yellowstone Heart Song is FREE!

Just a quick announcement that Yellowstone Dawn, Book 4 in the Yellowstone Romance Series, is scheduled to go live on Amazon on April 18th. I've completed the edits, the formatting, and now it just needs to be uploaded. I'm excited to be offering Josh and Dani's story, two characters I introduced in Book 3, Yellowstone Awakening.
As a special promotional offer, to anyone new to the series, I am offering Yellowstone Heart Song, the book that started it all, FREE on Amazon on April 18th and 19th.

I am several chapters into the last book I plan to write in this series - titled Yellowstone Deception. The idea for this book comes from several of my readers who suggested/nudged/hinted/prodded at me to write a story about Dan Osborne and Jana Evans. If you recall, Jana Evans is Aimee Donovan's (my heroine from book 1) best friend, and she meets Dan Osborne at the end of the story. The plot for this book gets a bit tricky, because it will involve time travel. I also had to consult with some people who know Yellowstone inside and out for their suggestions for the premise for this story. I knew early on when planning this book what I wanted it to be about, but exactly what the "what" (refer to book title) was had me a bit stumped. Thanks to all the great guys on one of the Yellowstone forums I frequent for their awesome suggestions. Each idea would have made a great story, but I had to pick one. So, stay tuned.....
After the Yellowstone Series, I plan to write a prequel novella that goes into the explanation of the time travel element I used in this series. When I first wrote Yellowstone Heart Song, the very early versions contained a prologue that explained the time travel, but I had judges in a couple of contests I entered way back when tell me that I should get rid of the prologue. Since I never fully explain it in any of the novels in this series, I'm going to attempt to do so in a novella.
After the Yellowstone Series, I've got a new time travel series in the works. I'm calling it the Second Chances Time Travel Series. My love of the old west, the mountain men, and the Rocky Mountain wilderness will absolutely play front and center in these stories, just as Yellowstone did in the first series.

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