Monday, April 2, 2012

Teaser Tuesday 4/3/12

This short excerpt is from Yellowstone Awakening:

“Why do you need two saddle horses?” Josh stood on Rosie’s other side, looking over the mare’s back. Kyle glared at him, and Josh raised his eyebrows, staring past him towards the cabin.
“How’s Miss Kate this morning? Feeling better?”
“She’s fine,” Kyle answered.
“What was wrong with her last night?”
“I didn’t ask, “ he answered dismissively. “I’m taking her to see the falls along the Firehole. So if you wouldn’t mind getting Blackjack ready, she and I can be on our way.”
“Does she need a chaperone?” Josh asked, still not making a move to bring the other horse out of the corral.
Most likely.
“You sure about that, Kyle?” Josh draped his arms over Rosie’s back, staring at him. “You can’t keep your eyes off her, cousin. You’d better be careful and watch your step, or you’re gonna end up in a heap of trouble.”
“What the hell kind of trouble am I going to get in for showing her around the valley?” Kyle growled. He pushed Josh’s arms out of the way with a saddle blanket that he tossed over the horse’s back. The saddle followed, and Josh had to duck to avoid the stirrup swinging through the air.
“The kind where you’re thinking long term, and wanting to get hitched.”
Kyle smiled at his cousin. “You never think about stuff like that?” He bent down and grabbed for the leather cinch under the mare’s belly.
Josh scoffed. “The only way you’ll ever see me tied to a woman is if someone points a gun at my head.”


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