Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

A new feature I'm going to try is called Teaser Tuesday, where I'd like to share a paragraph or two from either a published title in the Yellowstone Romance Series, or something from my current WIP.
Today, I chose a short blip from my current WIP, Yellowstone Dawn, Book 4 in the Yellowstone Romance Series.
For WIP blips, these are raw, unedited sections, and may change as I go through final critiques and edits, and may appear differently in the completed version of the book.

Danica turned her head towards him, and watched him pull his shirt over his head. She nearly gasped at the magnificent display of muscles before her. The only thing that marred the beautiful vision was the angry-looking hole in Josh’s shoulder, and the dried blood smeared down his chest. Just at his belt line above his left hip, a flesh wound stood out prominently in red against his bronze skin. Danica wondered how he could be so unaffected by the bitter cold. He dropped to his knees in front of her, and looked at her, his expression unreadable.
“Do it,” he said firmly, and pulled the knife from the flames, thrusting it at her. Danica held his eyes for a moment, then took the knife from him, her cold hand brushing against his warm one. Her fingers tingled to life instantly, the sensation radiating up her arm and down her center, to settle somewhere deep inside her. A familiar stirring and fluttering in her stomach brought her back to her senses.

Yellowstone Dawn is tentatively scheduled for release around April 15th (tax day!)

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