Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Announcement! Contest Winners

The contest is now over  in the Yellowstone Romance Series.

What year did Yellowstone become a national park?

The answer: 1872  President Ulysses S. Grant signed into law the creation of the world's first national park as a "pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people." The exact date was March 1, 1872.

In 1903, President Teddy Roosevelt laid the cornerstone to what was named the Roosevelt Arch, the northern entry point to the park from Gardiner, Montana. The arch is inscribed with words from the original act of dedication: "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people"

A big thank you to to the two ladies, Shirl and Linda Hubalek, who entered the contest. I would like to present both of you with a copy of an ebook in the series. If you could contact me at ynpdreamer at gmail dot com, I will email you  a copy of your choice.

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  1. Thank you/1 I love these books and the story they tell. I love the excitement and surprises and the outdoor adventure of the wilderness of Monatana back in the 1800's before it got civilization. Great writting made me feel like I was right there in the scene with the characters and feeling their feelings. Great Read!