Monday, October 19, 2015

Guest Author - Doris McCraw

To Live History

Please help me welcome my special guest today, author and story-teller, Doris McCraw! She's doing a giveaway, so be sure to comment with your contact info at the end of the post!
This post written and copyrighted by Doris McCraw-Angela Raines - author
What is it like to live history? There are numerous ‘towns’ and ‘ranches’ that allow visitors to watch living history. Some of the more famous are Colonial Williamsburg and Plymouth Plantation. In Colorado there is  Rock Ledge Ranch. There are those who recreate historic battles from the Revolutionary War on.
Then there are people who take on historic character. I know Ben Franklin (Christopher Lowell), Theodore Roosevelt (Don Moon) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (Richard Marrold). Of course there are those who are unique to Colorado history.  Pearl DeVere, the Cripple Creek madam who died of an overdose of laudanum, Poker Alice, a poker player  in the Old West, Wm. J. Palmer founder of Colorado Springs and his wife Queen and James Burns, the Cripple Creek magnate who was one of the owners of the famous Portland Mine on Battle Mountain near the town of Victor, Colorado.

Theodore Roosevelt The Bad Land Years
All the people who have this passion to pass along history, to create characters as in the living history sites or to research and bring to life people from the past, do so to keep the stories alive. From the period correct costume to having the facts straight, to them the best way to remember the past and learn from it is to relive it and share it.
I too have this passion for history, be it the early women doctors, the labor wars in Cripple Creek/Victor or the founding of Colorado Springs and Colorado, I want to share the wonderful information I find. I also have made it my mission to bring the life of Helen (Hunt) Jackson back to public consciousness. For over twelve years I have researched and performed as this amazing woman. For me and those others who have this passion it is not an option to not do this. We live history because we don’t want to lose history. History is the stories of our lives. As writers we tell stories, as historic characters we do the same.

Today, although it's not history as we know it, my experiences working in the corrections field and a love of romance created my newly released novella, "Angel of Salvation Valley" from Prairie Rose Publications. The story takes place in the state I love, Colorado.  I hope readers enjoy it as much as I did writing it. One person who comments on this post will get a copy of this newly released story of Angels, Demons, Heaven or Hell. Otherwise you can find it at:

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  1. Hi, Doris! I love the history that I find in these books. They're better than any history book I read in school. Perhaps it's that little bit of romance thrown in as well that leaves me so satisfied! Best of luck with your new release, Angel of Salvation Valley!

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I think it is the bit of romance that makes the stories special. I also appreciate your support on the 'author' journey I'm making and the stories I get to tell. Doris McCraw-Angela Raines - author

  3. Thank you, Doris. I always learn something from you.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Cindy. Always love to hear from you. You've been so supportive of me, I can't thank you enough. Doris/Angela

  4. Thank you for the bit of information about Colorado. I was born there and grew up learning stories from my grandfather. He grew up near Leadville. Back in his youth, he was a sheepherder and would tell of seeing Indians along the Arkansas River who would want to steal some of his sheep.
    Your book sounds really interesting.

    1. Joye, I would have loved to sit next to you and hear those stories. What a gift. Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the 'history' lesson. **GRIN**. Angela/Doris

  5. Congratulations Joye, you've won a copy of "Angel of Salvation Valley". I hope you enjoy it. Angela/Doris