Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rising Star in Romance on iBooks

Over the moon excited today! Not only did I read an absolutely wonderful review for my RONE finalist book, Diamond in the Dust, but I was also informed that APPLE has picked me for their RISING STAR IN ROMANCE promotion! Apparently, my name was tossed into the hat by my aggregator, Draft2Digital, with whom I publish on Apple. They felt strongly enough about YELLOWSTONE REDEMPTION (and the Yellowstone Romance Series as a whole) to promote it for the next two weeks. 

So thrilled for this opportunity and recognition. Writing isn't easy. Writing a book that speaks to the readers is even harder. Every day, I'm filled with self-doubt. It's very uplifting to read a good review and be recognized for my efforts. (I have another post almost ready to go on where I talk about my current struggles with my work in progress)

Check out all the Rising Stars here:

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