Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just in time for Thanksgiving

Some of my readers asked me a few months ago if I would write another holiday story in the Yellowstone Romance Series. Since I already wrote a Christmas story, I thought, why not write something aroundThanksgiving?

The result of that reader request is now available. It's a short story, and my hope is that it reminds you of feelings of home and family, even as I have some fun with one of our favorite characters from the Yellowstone books. I had to re-read a lot about the customs and daily lives of the Sheepeater Indians for this story, and I found a couple of gems in my research that I simply couldn't pass up to include in the book. 

I hope you all enjoy!

A Yellowstone Season of Giving ( Yellowstone Romance Series Short Story)

Yellowstone … Winter of 1850

As the days get short and the nights turn cold, and the season changes from fall to winter, Daniel and Aimee Osborne gather the family for their traditional Thanksgiving meal. It’s a time to reflect on the year’s good fortunes, and to reminisce about days gone by.

Join them around the hearth for the holiday, as memories are shared, and a story is retold of how one young hunter won favor with the woman of his heart during a past season of giving. 

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

Will become available on iBooks soon.

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