Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Release! Diamond in the Dust

It's Release Day! Diamond in the Dust is now available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Apple!

I was very hesitant at first to write this book, even though I had set up Ain’t No Angel (Book 2 in the Second Chances Series) with the possibility that Gabe McFarlain would get his own story. I want to thank those of you who asked (some of you were very persistent, in fact) that Gabe get his own second chance.
I have been so fortunate to interact, and make friends with, many of you on Facebook, and it’s because of you that I wrote this book. I know I dragged my feet, because it was quite a challenge to try and turn a bad character into someone likeable and hero-worthy. Now that it’s done, I’m quite happy with the results, and I hope you will be, too. 

Here is the blurb again. Links at the end of the post

Reverend Johnson is in the business of granting second chances to those deserving a new start, even if it means bending the rules of time travel on occasion. In Gabe McFarlain’s case, he may have gone too far . . .

Abandoned by his father, and raised in a whorehouse, Gabe has grown bitter to the world. Fueled by revenge and hatred, his actions leave him facing the hangman’s noose. Accepting certain death, he wakes up in a time and place that is as foreign as the tender touch of the woman who rescues him.

Down to earth and level-headed, Morgan Bartlett isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. All she wants is independence from her overbearing mother, and the freedom to shape her own destiny. When she aids a badly beaten man along the side of the road, she may have found more than a dusty cowboy down on his luck.

Morgan’s unshakable belief that Gabe is a good man slowly chisels away the walls he’s built around himself. As he comes to terms with living in the future, he must decide if losing his heart is worth more than holding on to the life he’s led in the past.

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