Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Teton Sunset

He picked up a rock and hurled it through the air. He cursed her name again, then laughed out loud. He really had underestimated her. Rather than anger, a sudden surge of desire swept through him. She was a remarkable woman, and if nothing else, Lucas would enjoy a good chase. If she thought that taking his clothes and horse would keep him from going after her, she was sorely mistaken. All he had to do now was find her before Black Sparrow got to her.
 There would be hell to pay when he caught up with her. He smiled. He could think of a dozen ways he would make the little spitfire pay for running off on him. All of them ended with her wrapped in his arms, soft and compliant.
The sound of an arrow whirring through the air was followed quickly by a loud thud. Lucas stopped in his tracks. His head turned in time to see the shaft of an arrow lodge deeply in the trunk of a tree not five feet from him. He swore loudly. Before he had time to react, six warriors darted from the bushes and surrounded him. Each one of them pointed strung arrows at his chest. Damn! Thinking about that infuriating woman had made him careless again.
One man stepped forward, and laughed heartily. The other warriors quickly joined in. Lucas clenched his jaw. Black Sparrow.

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