Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - Teton Sunset

Today's Teaser is from Teton Sunset....

A shrill yell pierced the air. What the hell? Was he under attack from some Indians after all? The Blackfoot didn’t winter in these mountains. Had some of them returned early? It seemed highly unlikely. Loud curse words that would rival the most hardened mountain man drifted through the woods. Definitely not Injuns. Using the cover of the trees, Lucas made his way silently toward whoever was making all that racket.
The loud rustling of leaves in the brush and predatory snarls reached his ears. Lucas threw caution to the wind and ran between the trees, his hand firmly gripping his knife. The vicious snapping of a jaw sent an unexpected wave of dread down his spine.  He’d heard that sound only once before, a long time ago when he was out hunting with his father and brother. He’d much rather tangle with a bear, or even a cougar, than the animal he knew with absolute certainty he would face any moment. Common sense told him to run the other way.
When has common sense ever stopped you before?


  1. Hi Peggy,

    Great teaser lines, although as something of a confirmed 'townie', I would be frightened to death to even be out in the mountains alone, let alone head towards a noise the likes of which you describe.

    I don't know whether I agree with Lucas about the argument of facing an animal, rather than what he suspects might await him, I think I would rather listen to the voice of common sense in this particular case.

    I still need to know what it is that's making the noise though!!

    I am assuming that 'Teton Sunset' is the final part of the trilogy and I am wondering, as someone who has only just discovered the series, if they can be read as stand-alone's, or if the series needs to be read in sequence?

    Thanks for sharing those great lines,


    1. Hi Yvonne,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Lucas was a character introduced in Book 2, Teton Splendor, so to those familiar with his character, they would understand that he is sort of a daredevil and wouldn't run the other way. :-)

      I write all my books with the intent that they can be read as stand-alones. Having said that, since this is a trilogy, the books are somewhat connected. They do follow a chronological order, but each book deals with it's own set of leading characters and their story, and the leading characters from previous books become secondary characters in the next book. I try and feed enough backstory from previous books into each subsequent book so there is no confusion. There would, however, be some spoilers in Book 2 for Book 1, and again for this book and Book 2.