Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Release Date for Teton Splendor

I finally have a release date for Teton Splendor! Mark your calendars for June 25th for Amazon. t should be available at Barnes & Noble and Apple soon after.

Naive and spoiled, Sophia Yancey believes she is the only daughter of a wealthy Boston businessman. She’s always struggled to fit in among the city’s elite due to her dark hair and bronze skin. When a rugged mountain man from the faraway Teton mountains arrives to reveal her true identity, Sophia is in denial.

Joseph Walker made a promise to a dying friend: travel east to find the old Indian chief's granddaughter and bring her back to her people. Unsure whether the girl is even alive, Joseph arrives on the doorstep of Byron Yancey, his only clue to her whereabouts. He expects to find Little Raven, a girl of Indian heritage. Instead, he meets stunning socialite, Sophia Yancey, and realizes that the journey home to the Tetons will challenge him in ways the wilderness never could.

Away from the confines of polite society, Sophia must rely on Joseph as they travel a long road of danger and discovery, wary of a killer seeking revenge. As love blossoms between them among the grandeur of the Tetons, will Joseph be able to keep her safe, or did he make a grave mistake in removing her from the only life she’s ever known?


  1. Can we preorder?

    Thanks, Mary

    1. Hi Mary,
      Sadly, Amazon won't let me schedule pre-orders. If you want to sign up for my mailing list, you'll be notified when the book (and future books) are available. There's a sign-up link at the top on the right of the blog. I only use the list to announce new releases.