Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Book Cover and Contest Winner

For today's teaser, I would like to present the book cover for Yellowstone Deception, along with the blurb for the story.

Thanks to all of you who entered the design contest for the book. I loved everyone's ideas of what Yellowstone means to them. Out of so many possibilities, it wasn't an easy choice as to what to use. In Yellowstone Deception, I send my characters into areas of the park that I haven't explored in the other books, so this cover needed something to reflect that. With that said, I chose the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces as my background for the cover. Congratulations to Maggie O. for her winning suggestion!

Dan Osborne has one ambition in life. He wants to be a permanent park ranger in Yellowstone National Park, a place where his family roots run deep. He’ll  do just about anything to make his dream a reality. When a pretty tourist tells him an incredible story about his ancestors, his dreams might be realized sooner than he hoped.

Jana Evans’ best friend traveled back in time for true love. Not only is a weathered diary proof that she survived, so is the handsome park ranger standing before Jana now. Her immediate attraction to Aimee’s descendant leaves her disturbed and confused, and she rushes back home to the safety of a normal life.  An unexpected phone call months later from the very man she wanted to put out of her mind forces her back to Yellowstone.  He has news that Aimee met with an untimely death. Is she willing to follow him 200 years into the past to save her best friend’s life?

Dan is convinced that Jana holds the key to finding the device that makes time travel possible. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her since their one brief encounter months ago. A journey into the past could not only set things in place for his own future, but it might also bring Jana back into his life.  Will the truth about his motives shatter any chance they might have at love?


  1. Okay, I gotta be different because I'm weird.

    I'm more intrigued by the blurb than the cover. Very nice job. What's the release date?