Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Trailer for Yellowstone Heart Song

I finally have a trailer finished for Yellowstone Heart Song. I've been working on ideas for one for months already. It's amazing how much time is involved in trying to find the right photos, and music. I want to thanks and give credit to my son, Collin, for actually putting the trailer together. He used a program called Flash 8. I have absolutely no clue how to use this program, or even Movie Maker. I have a little experience with Apple's imovie program, and when I actually have some free time, I might tinker with it to see what kind of video I can produce.
Until then, I call on my teenagers for their techo expertise. Another thank you goes out to my other son, Justin, for fine-tuning the file for upload to youtube. Thanks, boys! I'll be calling on you again to put together videos for the rest of the series. I almost have all the pictures gathered for Yellowstone Redemption.
Until then, here is my book trailer for Yellowstone Heart Song.


  1. At MOA, I told you that I liked your trailer. I plan to write about the process a bit in my writing blog-- raintrueax.blogspot.com. I wanted to put a link to your trailer if you don't mind.

    I don't know if trailers will sell books, but to me as an artist and writer, I really like the idea of expanding the meaning of the book beyond just words. I liked the music from Jewel Beat, went there, and bought some I will use. I had been doing slideshows with music for quite awhile but hadn't come across any music that could be licensed that I liked as much as theirs. Melody and emotion with a price that makes it affordable-- perfect for me.

  2. Hi Rain,
    I would be honored for you to use my trailer. What a great idea to write a blog post about the process. Why didn't I think of that? I may just have to do something similar at some point. Still working on a trailer for Yellowstone Redemption. Hopefully this weekend I can get my son to put it together. I'm not sure that a book trailer sells books, but the process is fun, and just another creative outlet, and for me, it sort of brings the book alive a little, with the images and the music.